MUG SHOT Texas woman uses photo, address of ex’s girlfriend for Craigslist ad soliciting sex

Samantha Weber mugshot photo Texas woman took out Craigslist ad asking for sex using her ex's girfrind's photo and address

In a bizarre vengeful twist on catfishing, 38-year-old Samantha Weber of Highlands, Texas was arrested on September 18th and charged with a third-degree felony after she allegedly took out a Craigslist ad soliciting sex using the photo and physical address of her ex’s current girlfriend, Heather McCarthy.

From court records:

[Heather McCarthy] stated that several males unknown to her had knocked on her door at residence located at ****** on 04/18/13 after the hour of 10:00 p.m. The complainant stated that one male was confronted by her then boyfriend, Homer Rodriguez, who demanded to know why the male had come to their home. The Complainant stated that the male showed Complainant and Rodriguez a advertisement which featured a picture of the Complainant and a statement of desire for any men to come to her house for the purpose of sexual activity. The Craigslist .com advertisement featured the Complainant’s address, located in Harris County, Texas. The Complainant told Deputy Miller and Your Affiant she did not place the advertisement on for strange men to com to her house for sex. The Complainant said the men showing up to her house for sexual activity made her feel harassed, annoyed, alarmed, and placed her in fear for her physical safety.

According to the court documents, Heather provided the investigating officer “with some investigative leads and suspect information regarding Homer Rodriguez’ estranged wife and girlfriend.” After that the investigator served a subpoena to Craigslist and got the phone number and email address used to set up the advertisement, both of which were later linked to Samantha Weber.

The officer later served a subpoena to Gmail/ and as a result, “located emails preserved in the account from persons who observed the advertisement made in the Complainant’s image and responded via email for further information. This indicates the user of the email account was in the care, custody, and control of the products of the advertisements made in the image of McCarthy without her knowledge or consent.”

Samantha Weber is facing felony Online Impersonation charges. She is currently free on $5,000 bond.

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