VIDEO Amber Portwood and Matt Baier get in explosive fight over cheating scandal

Amber Portwood Matt Baier fight and split

At the end of Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, MTV shared a dramatic preview trailer for the Season Finale next week in which Amber Portwood EXPLODES on Matt Baier as she screams “YOU F**KING B!TCH!!!” while being held back by a large man!

Prior to the blow up, we see another clip in which it appears that Matt and Amber are having issues just before Matt drives off in the brand new Corvette that he he bought for Amber as a gift with her money, even though it’s in his name and he’s the one who drives it all the time:

“Are you guys fighting?” producer Kerthy asks Amber in the driveway as Matt pulls out — something he apparently doesn’t do very often. #ZING
“I don’t know,” says Amber. “Just s**t coming out.”
“What’s coming out?” Kerthy asks.

“There’s, like, fake f**king text messages, supposedly,” says Amber. “I mean, they do look fake, but it’s just I’m sick and tired of this s**t.

“Text messages about what?” Curious Kerthy presses.

“I don’t know. Talking to somebody else like a year and a half ago.” [Numerous text messages surfaced online at the same time as the abuse photos Matt sent to other women.]
We’re shown baller Matt Corvetting and pondering how to spin the text messages as we hear audio of Kerthy and Amber’s conversation continue: “Why does this keep happening?” Kerthy openly wonders.

“I don’t know,” Amber says. “I just want [inaudible] and me to have a break because this is getting too much. It just keeps making me doubt everything. I need to figure out what’s going on with — with all this s**t.”

The video from the episode (unfortunately not the one above) continues by cutting to a scene in which Amber reveals to producer Kiki: “I told him: ‘If you ever cheat on me, I’ll leave.'” [Click here for the entire episode — fast forward to the very last couple minutes for the full preview.]

We are then shown Amber being held back by a man (I assume a member of production) as she screams at Matt “YOU F**KING B!TCH!!!” Matt is shown walking along with a “Huh?” face.

UPDATE – In a brief new preview clip, it is revealed that Matt Baier’s now-infamous lie detector test session will be shown during the finale episode! The scene shows Amber and Matt in the same clothes that they are wearing in the screaming scene, and the man holding Amber back is also present in the polygraph scene — so I think it is logical to assume the screaming occured after the polygraph test was administered. CLICK HERE to watch the clip!

The clip cuts abruptly and we see Amber riding in a car with someone’s hands on her shoulders as tears and mascara stream down her cheeks:

Amber Portwood crying

The dramatic finale preview came just before the Teen Mom OG “Unseen Moments” special in which Amber opens up about her difficult relationship with Matt. (I assume that the special was filmed just after the season finale, so the timeline matches up.)

After a clip in which Amber reveals to producers that she still has to take medication every night to maintain her mental health, Nessa asks her “So Amber, how are you right now? Your mental state in comparison to last season, when it seemed like you were more depressed during that time? How are you feeling now”

“Um, well, I think since I’ve been on the medication I’ve been a lot better? But I don’t even know if I’m in a better place. Like, when I got here I didn’t sleep for two days.”

Nessa seems shocked and asks Amber why she isn’t sleeping. “The Matt s**t going on right now,” Amber reveals. “Because me and him aren’t quite together — not engaged any more. But, you know, it’s hard when you have something like bipolar and borderline together. It’s not good, you know? It’s not a good mix.”

Amber reveals that she sees a therapist, and it has helped her deal with everything going on in her life. “I don’t think I could [cope], honestly, without it,” she says. “I think I would be dead right now. With all the bulls**t going on right now, I would definitely be gone.”

Nessa asks Amber if she thinks the space between her and Matt is helping.

“Yeah. I needed my alone time,” Amber reveals. “It felt good to just be alone, and be with my cousin and family, and just, like, them embrace me even though I kind of pushed them away for a long time.” Amber has to stop herself from crying at this point — clearly having pushed family away (because they were not fans of Matt, I assume) is something Amber really regrets.

“And Amber, you didn’t want Matt to come, or was that his decision?” Nessa asks, after pointing out that her sharing her struggle on the show has probably helped a lot of people.

“Well, I kicked him out of the house the night before I even came here,” Amber says as the audience gasps — and smiles. “He was in a hotel. He’s back at the house right now though. I mean, we’re working on stuff, but you know, that’s all I can f**king really say right now.”

Amber then quickly puts a damper on the audience smiles. “But I am willing to move forward if he is willing to change. But if he’s not going to really soon, he’s not — he’s not going to be in a good place with me.”

“What would you like him to change?” Nessa asks.

“Ever f**king thing,” Amber says, followed by audience laughter. “I mean, if he really wants this relationship to work, he’s gonna really have to change his lying, number one. I feel like he’s a HUGE pathological liar. I think he needs help. I think he’s been like that with every woman he’s ever been with, because I know he has. And with me, it was a little different, you know, but it’s not enough for me any more. I can’t keep doing this. It’s stressing me out. It’s putting me in a bad place. I need somebody that’s gonna, like, have my back — not somebody I have to take care of.”

Amber Portwood quote about Matt Baier being a pathological liar

Applause erupts as Nessa gives Amber a big “Mmmmmm hmmmm.”

Nessa then carefully congratulates Amber. “Very proud of you,” she says. “Very, uh, good to see you move in this direction, even since the last time I saw you at the After Show. So, I’m very, very happy for you.”

As are we!

In summary, it appears as though Amber and Matt have been split for a while now, and they have just been keeping up appearances so as not to spoil future episodes of the show. Of course, Amber seems to always keep the possibility of a reconciliation on the table — although many speculate at this point it is only because she and Matt were obligated to appear on Marriage Boot Camp, which they are reportedly currently filming in Los Angeles.

Be sure to tune in next week for the season finale of Teen Mom OG to see Matt’s years of lying finally unravel.

On a side note, this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG featured a clip in the closing credits that has some fans concerned. You can clearly see that Amber’s ear lobe is split — as though she had an earring ripped out:

Amber Portwood ear lobe injury

Obviously, we know nothing about what happened, or when it happened — but it is concerning given allegations by the likes of Simon Saran that Matt has been abusive towards Amber. Also, there’s the unfortunate quote from Amber on her recent Instagram Live stream in which she reveals she was a victim of domestic violence, but she kept her mouth shut because that’s what a “real woman” does.

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