TEEN MOM OG Gary Shirley is a police officer!

Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood's ex Gary Shirley is a police officer

In one of the best kept secrets in Teen Mom history, OG dad Gary Shirley has been secretly training to be a police officer. And we’re only finding out now because he officially just became one!

Gary’s wife Kristina Shirley made the surprise reveal on Instagram on Tuesday with two photos of Gary’s swearing in — including one in which you can see Gary with a gun holstered on his hip! “Words cannot describe how proud I am to be his wife,” Kristina began her caption. “His dream, hard work, and dedication became a reality. Tonight, this handsome man was sworn into duty as a police officer.”

Here’s Kristina’s original post with both photos:

I’ll admit I am completely gobsmacked! It’s a complete surprise to me that Gary had any desire to be a police officer. He’s never mentioned it at all (that I can recall) on the show or on social media. The career move is extra surprising given that he has a pretty sweet gig just being a Teen Mom OG dad!

But, even more surprising than Gary wanting to be a police officer is that he was able to do it completely under the radar! I can’t believe it never got leaked by a friend of family member, or even someone Gary was in training or studying with. Amazing! I love it!


“Thank you to ALL our friends and family who have supported him, kept this a secret and most of all believed in him,” Kristina continues, concluding her message with a heart and police emoji: ❤️?

Kristina didn’t reveal which police department Gary would be joining. The man with him is Sgt. Landon Dean from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, but he is in charge of an intern program, so it could just be that he was Gary’s trainer or something similar? I’m not sure how that works, to be honest.

Among the congratulatory comments on Kristina’s post was a wonderful message from Amber Portwood’s boyfriend Andrew Glennon. “Huge success!” he wrote. “Next Christmas present is a giant Batlight with a G on it,” he joked, adding the ??? emoji. “But for real, be safe out there. ⚔️”

“You’re such a positive uplifting bro, so nice to see,” one commenter responded to Andrew. “I try my best,” Andrew replied. “The world is a crazy scary place out there so do what you can to make it brighter. Every little bit counts. Gary’s a good dude and that will shine through with his service to his community. Cops don’t get enough love, but they’ve literally saved my life and are the first responders to very serious situations, so I appreciate them to the fullest. Always. #thinblueline”

Andrew also answered someone who asked him about what his job is currently, aside form being on Teen Mom OG:

It was cinematography up until about a year and half ago.

Since then I’ve been taken by the creation of a card game (super close to release, I’m so excited), screenwriting (passion), and day trading the stock market (fun)… which I think everyone should learn. So it’s been a nice mix to say the least!

There is no set career path, but if you can make play lucrative then you are doing something right.

I forget who said this but I love it, “Do what you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’m a firm believer.

Oh wow, so we have a card game from Andrew Glennon coming soon?! Perhaps Teen Mom: The Gathering in which you battle another player with your deck of character cards, item cards (Gary’s Belden Lineman Camp t-shirt, a feather in your hair, Corey’s weathered camo WV ball cap), and action cards (Seen wif Kieffuh, Reunion altercation, Become a police officer)!?

Speaking of a Teen Mom card game, does anyone remember the original Teen Mom trading cards that came out years and years ago. Let me look that up real quick… Wow! That was seven-and-a-half years ago! Here’s Gary and Amber:

Teen Mom trading cards Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley

All joking aside, let me send a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Gary Shirley! Not only for becoming a police officer, but for keeping it a surprise for so long! I can’t wait to see the first photo of Officer Shirley in uniform! I wonder if his training will come up on the current season of Teen Mom OG? Tune in to new episodes airing Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV to find out!

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