UPDATE: Amber Portwood avoids jail, responds to failed drug test reports

Amber Portwood's mother Tonya Portwood

As we reported yesterday, it looked like Teen Mom Amber Portwood was in hot water after allegedly not being able to make her own hot water in the form of urine for her mandatory daily drug test.

Amber responded to these reports with E! News. She said:

“I would be in jail if I skipped. Honestly, I don’t give a sh*t what people are saying…I’m doing what I have to do…they are not a concern of mine.”

Amber appeared before the judge yesterday and was ordered to submit to an extra 30 days of daily drug testing because she was unable to provide a sample on Monday. Portwood’s statement isn’t technically false as an insider told E! that she did not skip her test as she did attend the scheduled screening but was simply unable to “go” after trying for over an hour which equates to a failed test in the eyes of the law.

But there’s more… TMZ was told that Amber also missed a court mandated AA meeting recently. As punishment the judge is requiring her to re-read the drug court handbook and to write a 500-word report all about what her responsibilities should be as a participant in drug court.