TEEN MOM Malorie Beaver says mom Stephanie reported her to DCS, wants custody of Emerson

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The last time we checked in with the Beaver family from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Rachel Beaver was recuperating from multiple facial surgeries and her sister Malorie was “quarantining away” from her daughter Emerson after reportedly attending a party with someone that tested positive for coronavirus. Rachel and Malorie’s mother Stephanie was desperately trying to track Malorie down because she needed someone to watch Emerson while Rachel was at the hospital.

It’s just a few weeks later, but it appears the tables have turned in regards to Malorie’s daughter Emerson. Malorie shared a series of posts on Snapchat in which she revealed that she had taken Emerson to another location and claims that her mother Stephanie had reported her to the Department of Children’s Services.

“Imagine calling DCS on your own kid simply because she took her daughter to a better, more reliable, sitter,” Malorie began the caption for her first post. “Guess what mom, that first case got closed within a couple weeks & this one will too. If y’all ever wonder why I have no respect for my mom this is it.”

Malorie then pointed out that if Stephanie wanted custody of Emerson, she would have to get in line behind Emerson’s abusive dad. “She claims she wants to get custody of Emerson & that’s why she did it. B*tch you wouldn’t get her anyway her daddy would dumbass.”

Here are the posts:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Malorie Beaver snapchat mom Stephanie

Malorie didn’t say where she and Emerson are currently staying, but it is assumed that her “better, more reliable, sitter” is her grandmother Janice. If that’s the case, then it seems the two have since made amends after Malorie was arrested for assaulting Janice earlier this year. That case is still pending with the next scheduled court date in August.

On Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Stephanie often had to fight with Malorie just to get her to stay at home and watch Emerson. That has apparently changed now. “Ain’t nobody taking my kid from me while I’m still alive & that’s a fact,” Malorie boasted.

In our previous post about Rachel’s surgeries and Malorie “quarantining away” from her daughter, we included a video with audio of Stephanie looking for Malorie and threatening to call DCS — all while Malorie listened and laughed. Here’s an excerpt from our previous post:

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Rachel isn’t the only Beaver sister whose face is healing. Her sister Malorie apparently had an unfortunate night out a couple weeks ago, and she shared before-and-after photos on Instagram:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Malorie Beaver injuries

Speaking of Malorie having nights out, she recently revealed that her lack of social distancing has resulted in having to stay away from her daughter Emerson. Late last week someone asked Malorie on Instagram why she never has Emerson, and Malorie was a bit snappy with her reply. “Corona obviously you dumbasses,” she wrote. “I went out & have been quarantining away from her.”

As Young and Pregnant fans know, Malorie has been going out and quarantining away from her daughter ever since Emerson was born. As a result, Malorie’s mother Stephanie has essentially been raising Emerson. With Rachel’s pending surgery, Stephanie was desperately trying to track Malorie down to get her to break quarantine and actually be a mother to Emerson while Stephanie stayed with Rachel at the hospital.

If you scroll all the way through this gallery posted by @TeenMomShadeRoom on Instagram, you can watch a video in which Stephanie can be heard talking about Malorie being at a party with someone who reportedly has coronavirus. Stephanie mentions calling CPS as Malorie can barely contain her laughter:

Rachel and Malorie both posted photos of themselves with blonde hair last week, and Stephanie posted the following message on Malorie’s Facebook page:

My thing is how the hell did you buy the same hair dye and not even talk to each other and by the way come get your kid Rachel’s got surgery on Friday I need your help please because I have to stay there with her I can’t bring Emmy with me to the hospital.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I don’t believe Stephanie has responded publicly to Malorie’s most recent posts, but stay tuned!

UPDATE – Stephanie responded to our Instagram post and says she never actually called DCS. HEre is her comment:

What I hate about all these gossip sites though y’all to be honest with you is I never called DCS on her I just take care of Emerson like I’m really innocent in all this this is freaking nuts.

Stephanie also points out that Malorie didn’t actually accuse her of being the one that called the first time, and she’s right. The post has been updated to reflect that.

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