PHOTO Rachel’s back tattoo of a cat was the breakout star of the Before the 90 Days finale

Before the 90 Days Rachel cat tattoo

On the Season 2 finale of Before the 90 Days we got to see the fairy tale UK wedding between Rachel Bear and Jon Walters, a wedding that we were the first to report on back in early August. Although Jon, Rachel, and Lucy all looked quite lovely on their big day, the new family was upstaged by the episode’s break out star: Rachel’s cat tattoo!

The cattoo, which is located in the center of Rachel’s lower back, made a super brief appearance as she was putting on her wedding dress, and unfortunately we only got a partial glimpse. Here is the best photo I could manage:

Before the 90 Days Rachel Cat tattoo on her back

Rachel has been very open about her fondness for cats on social media. She often describes herself as a cat lady when posting photos of her two sibling tuxedo kitties Olive and Caper, which she got at an Albuquerque animal shelter.

But, not only has Rachel had a fondness for cats for a long time, she has also been quite fond of cat art for a long time — as evidenced by this throwback photo of herself at roughly six years old with her proud chalkboard cat creation:

In the comments section of Rachel’s catstagram throwback pic above, Jon actually referenced her cat tattoo — although he would not share any details. Here’s how the conversation went down:

RACHEL: Once a cat lover, always a cat lover #throwbackthursday #justme #agirlandhercat #catlover #thecatlife #catdrawing #cats #thatdressthough

COMMENT: Ok now I like u even more!!!!! Does Jon love cats? I hope so !????????

RACHEL: He likes cats, but he’s got his precious dog ?

COMMENT: get him hooked???


JON: I love cats but I love your cat tattoo the most ?

COMMENT: where is this alleged cat tatto at?? ☺☺☺???????

JON: ?????

RACHEL: ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

I’m hoping there is some sort of “Before the 90 Days Season 2: Unseen Footage” episode in which we get to see Rachel’s cattoo a little better, and maybe even get to find out the story behind it. Meanwhile, be sure to tune in for the SUPER DRAMA PACKED Season 2 Tell All special this Sunday night at 8/7c on TLC — it looks to be one for the ages!

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