PHOTOS Cougar Courteney Cox ‘busting’ out bikini style at 46

Courteney Cox "Cougar Town" bikini photo

Is it just me or is 46-year-old Courteney Cox looking Cougariffic or what!?!

The above photo was taken of Cox on the set of her show Cougar Town in Hawaii.  I think it MUST be photoshopped because there just had to be steam coming off the water when that redonkulous age-defying bod hit the pool.  This photo clearly reminds me of how much I used to want to be David Arquette and how that wish would have become a nightmare.

Now anytime a starlet over the age of 40 has curves that seriously maintain there are going to be rumors of some “augmentation.”  Overall it doesn’t appear that way to me but other sources including the Daily Mail are suggesting the possibility.

Here’s one more photo of Cox “working” in which I have to admit that there appears to be some disparity between the age around her countenance and the upwards lift of her, well, HELLO!

Courteney Cox Cougar bikini photo

What do you think about Courteney’s recently photographed busty bod?

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