Leah Calvert addresses prescription drug problem featured on Teen Mom 2 episode

Leah Calvert Teen Mom 2

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 fans saw Leah Calvert struggling after being prescribed medication for anxiety and stress, an issue the network previously highlighted in a preview clip. Throughout the episode Leah has difficulties talking — often slurring her words and struggling to make complete sentences. In one scene she appears to nearly fall asleep while talking with a doctor about her daughter Ali’s medical condition, and in another she reveals to her husband Jeremy that she is completely aware of the adverse effects the drugs are having on her, and she cannot stand it.

“When I first take that medicine, I feel calm and I feel like I can do stuff,” Leah tells Jeremy, “but after — and I took half of it this time instead of a full one — and now I feel really I feel really messed up.”

An obviously very distraught Leah then explains just how self-aware she is of the effects the drugs are having. “I’m about to start crying because I feel like I’m — I feel like on drugs, and I never felt like that, ever in my life,” she says. “I don’t like feeling like that. I feel like I’m slurring. I just feel really weird, and I’m freaking out!”

Leah explains that the drugs make her feel great initially, but the positive effects eventually turn very negative. “It helps me at first, and then I start feeling like a damn druggie,” she explains. “I don’t want to feel slow, I don’t want to look like that! And I know that I need it because it helps at first. It helps me, and then throughout the day…I feel worse.”

Leah Calvert talks about her prescription drug problem

Jeremy insists that Leah talk with her doctor about her problems, but the episode leaves us hanging as far as the result.

Thankfully, Leah took to Twitter and Facebook last night and revealed that her doctor changed her medication and she’s doing much better now!

In response to our tweet about the obvious negative effects the drugs were having on Leah, she tweeted:

Leah’s mom Dawn Spears also commented on Leah’s struggles:

Leah then took to Facebook to talk about the episode and the support she received from fans after it aired:


It’s great to hear Leah was able to work with her doctor and get her medications straightened out! And it was also great of her to be willing to share the experience with viewers because struggling with anxiety AND struggling with anxiety medication is something so many people have to deal with, but something we rarely see portrayed so honestly on television.

In case you missed it, here is the full episode:

Teen Mom 2 airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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