PHOTOS Leah Messer and Corey Simms get tattoos!

Teen Mom Leah Messer's stars neck tattoo

UPDATE: Unfortunately, divorce rumors have been confirmed by photos of Leah Simms filming for MTV, crying over divorce papers. CLICK HERE for more.

Everybody who is somebody is getting a tattoo these days! From Vanessa Hudgens’ neck butterfly to Gucci Mane’s face cream cone it seems any bit of bare celebrity skin is considered to be blank canvas, and the Teen Moms are no exception.

First we had Amber Portwood making headlines with her over-sized tattoo portrait of daughter Leah on her midsection followed by Jenelle Evans adding to her skin art collection with a large letter “J” on her neck and a skull with butterfly wings on the small of her back.

The latest Teen Mom stars to go under the needle are Leah Messer and her husband Corey Simms, who both visited Third Eye Tattoo in South Charleston, West Virginia earlier today and walked out with some artistically altered skin. Leah had some colorful stars added behind her ear, as you can see in the photo above (click to enlarge), and Corey got a bold and fancy tattoo of the family name “SIMMS” tattooed down the back of one arm:

Ten Mom 2 Corey Simms arm tattoo that reads SIMMS

WHOAH! That is a big-time tattoo there!

Leah’s on the other hand is subtle and easily hidden by just letting her hair down – a far cry from star-faced Kimberley Vlaminck!

It’s not like I need to ask, but what do you all think of the tattoos?