TEEN MOM Ashley Jones pregnancy, DUI car accident details PHOTOS

Teen Mom 2 Ashley Jones pregnant car crash

It’s been two weeks since Teen Mom: The Next Chapter co-stars Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones (and their mothers) reportedly got kicked off the set of Teen Mom Family Reunion after getting into a HUGE fight that involved thrown furniture. The young ladies have continued their spat on social media, including Briana’s claim that Ashley is currently pregnant.

Ashley later confirmed her pregnancy, but didn’t share any additional details … until today! The 25-year-old reality star shared a terrifying story that explains why she hadn’t made the pregnancy public herself. In a series of quickly deleted Instagram posts, Ashley revealed that her pregnancy was confirmed after she crashed into a drunk driver who ran a red light.

“I never told you guys this, but a few days before TMFR a drunk driver totaled my vehicle,” Ashley wrote. “He went left on a red light across four lanes and we didn’t have any time to stop. Every single airbag in the car deployed except for Bar’s and we were rushed to the hospital.”

More from Ashley:

At the hospital “le pregnancy” was confirmed. However, due to the impact of the airbag and my pregnancy being so new, there was little to nothing the doctor could do to ensure the pregnancy. He advised me to rest and watch for signs of miscarriage just in case. I also found out I was high risk due to me previously having preeclampsia which led to emergency surgery. This is why I have kept things private. This is why you will see me sleeping for the majority of scenes I have at TMFR.

Ashley’s post was accompanied by numerous photos, including images of the crash scene as well as injuries sustained by Ashley. Click here for the injury photos (nothing too graphic, just bruising). Here are the crash scene images and one of the injury photos:

Teen Mom Ashley Jones car accident

Teen Mom 2 Ashley Jones pregnant again

In addition to the Instagram posts, Ashley also talked about the accident with her mom, Pastor Tea, on the latest episode of Ashley’s “I Need Wine podcast. Ashley said the car accident was on August 22, and they were going “about forty miles per hour” when they t-boned the other vehicle. (August 22 is the same day that Bar was arrested for an out-of-state warrant.)

Speaking of Bar, Ashley revealed that he and their four-year-old daughter Holly were in the car at the time of the crash. Everyone was hospitalized, but Ashley’s injuries are the only ones she talked about.

Ashley drove Holly and dropped her off on August 24 before flying with Tea to Oregon on August 26 so they could duke it out on the set of Teen Mom: Thunderdome.

Briana stated that she was unaware of Ashley’s pregnancy until after their fight, but Ashley denied that claim. “For anyone to say they didn’t know I was pregnant is a flat out lie,” Ashley wrote. “And since my announcement was robbed from me, I’ll be keeping you guys updated here.”

Meanwhile, dad-to-be Bariki Lockettsmith is currently in jail in California with his bond set at $500,000.

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