Farrah Abraham on Leah Messer: ‘I heard she lost her kid—maybe she should focus on that’

Leah Messer Farrah Abraham feud

It appears as though we have a brand new Teen Mom crossover feud, and yes, of course Farrah is involved.

The spark for the feud fire came via Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer, who very subtly dissed Farrah with a tweet just after the new Teen Mom OG trailer was released earlier this week. In the tweet, Leah revealed how excited she was for the new season and “to watch my OG favs!” Leah tagged Amber, Maci, and Caitlyn, but did not include Farrah. In addition, Leah added the hashtag #TeamLarry in reference to Farrah’s explosive tirade with Teen Mom OG producer Larry Musnick in the trailer. Here is Leah’s tweet:

In all honesty, I didn’t think much of Leah’s reference to Farrah, but other media outlets picked up on the subtweet and described it as “shocking” with titles like “Feud Alert! Leah Messer Slams Farrah Abraham For Screaming At Producer In Teen Mom OG Trailer!

That headline came from OK!, who seemed to be trying to throw a little fuel on Leah’s spark by drawing Farrah into the feud. However, Farrah didn’t take the bait and remained quiet (publicly at least) about Leah’s subdiss. So, when OK! had a chance to speak with Farrah at a recent event in New York City, they couldn’t resist baiting the hook again — and this time Farrah bit!

“I’m further along in life than she is and I just wish her all the best with her kid,” Farrah said in response to Leah’s #TeamLarry hash tag. “I heard she lost her kid—maybe she should focus on that.”

(In case you missed it, Farrah is referring to Leah losing primary custody of her twin daughters to ex-husband Corey Simms earlier this year.)

Good ol’ Farrah! Say what you will about her, but she definitely doesn’t hide what she feels with subtlety! (Or sub-anything!)

Farrah Abraham and Leah Messer

While we all wait for Leah’s response, we have a little more Farrah drama to report on for you. She and the rest of the Teen Mom OG ladies were in New York City this weekend to film the Teen Mom OG after show interviews and do publicity stuff, but it seems Farrah’s disdain for the show continues as she reportedly skipped out on a number of her responsibilities!

“Farrah’s in NYC but isn’t part of the filming of the after shows,” a source tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “The rumor is that she’s mad about the stuff that was shown in the trailer that made her look bad.”

The Ashley later updated that after skipping out on filming Friday, Farrah did show up on Saturday, although it was only for one scene in front of the audience. A source reveals that the scene in question was Farrah visiting the grave of Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood. Farrah reportedly got very emotional during the scene, and the other cast members actually attempted to comfort her.

“Farrah was crying and Catelynn gave her a hug and Amber held her hand,” the source says. “You could tell that even Maci felt bad for her.”

After taping that scene, Farrah reportedly left and didn’t come back. It’s unclear if her limited participation was against MTV’s wishes or not.

However, it does appear that MTV was at least a little miffed at Farrah’s diva ways because after she left they reportedly showed audience members in attendance an extended cut of the controversial scene between Farrah and show producer Larry Musnick that was WAAAY worse than what we saw in the trailer!

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom OG trashy ass show quote

“In the clip we watched, Farrah physically pushed Larry in her front yard,” an audience member tells The Ashley. “She called him white trash and all these other mean names. They showed us the clip after Farrah left. It was almost like they did that on purpose.”

The fight between Farrah and Larry reportedly started because of a separate project Farrah was filming with her mom, Debra Danielsen. Farrah was told by MTV producers that the new project was a violation of her contract, and that’s part of why Farrah did not want to film.

We previously posted about a new reality series featuring Farrah and her mom that was reportedly a therapy-themed show. It was later reported that Farrah and Debra would be part of Couples Therapy star Dr. Jenn’ new Family Therapy show, but the cast for that series has since been announced and it does not included Farrah and Debra. Could it be that MTV had their appearance nixed because of the contract issue?

Although it seems tensions between Farrah and MTV are still high, she and Larry appear to have made up. Here they are in a photo booth together at an event in New York City this week:

Now we all just sit back and wait to see what Leah does.

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