Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert creates the Aliannah Hope Foundation

Leah Calvert's New Baby

Teen Mom 2 has thoroughly followed the health problems of Leah Calvert’s daughter, Aliannah Simms. Along the way, many viewers shared in Leah and ex-husband Corey Simms’ frustration with figuring out what was hindering their daughter’s development.

Within the past year, Leah, Corey and their families have learned more about Ali’s condition. Now that Leah is in a better position to improve Ali’s welfare, she’s eager to help children with similar struggles by creating the Aliannah Hope Foundation.

Details are unclear at this point, but Leah did hint at her first project on Facebook

Hey, everyone! I am looking for some help from my fans because without you guys I am nothing! I’m starting a foundation for my daughter, Ali. I’m looking for some t-shirt design ideas for the foundation which is going to be the Aliannah Hope foundation. I’ll be online checking out any ideas that y’all may have so comment them or send a message to the page. Thanks! – Leah!

Ali and Alleah Simms Now

After the original posting, some people were confused about who the Aliannah Hope Foundation will benefit. An administrator for the Facebook fan page clarified the donations would help “more than one NOT just Ali.”

Of course, creating t-shirts is just one small aspect of starting a proper foundation. Leah, or anyone else hoping to create a foundation, should consult with a lawyer to determine whether the organization should be a charitable trust or a 501(c)3. (Foundations generally differ from charities in that foundations rarely administer their own charitable programs while charities often do. Instead, foundations allocate funds to other charities or people in need.)

The next step is creating a set of bylaws and award criteria.

“Although it’s not legally required, you want to make sure you’re not setting expectations that people will be entitled to grants without meeting specific criteria,” advised attorney Jeff Hurwit for an Entrepreneur.com article.

When the foundation is started, Leah will have to be incredibly diligent and organized to keep it running. Still, with the genuine motivation she has working in her favor, it’s certainly possible that Leah will be able to help many, many children with the Aliannah Hope Foundation!

UPDATE Leah’s mom, Dawn Spears, confirmed to us that the Aliannah Hope Foundation will be an official 501(c)3 created through a lawyer. She also reiterated Leah will not receive money for personal use.

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