BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Ash reveals hyperactive thyroid condition & ‘maybe Graves’ disease’ after comments about his eyes

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Ash Naeck bulging eyes due to Graves' disease and hyperthyroid condition?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Ash Naeck responded to negative and derisive comments being made online about his physical appearance and mannerisms by revealing that he has been diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid and “maybe Graves’ disease” at this stage.

Here is Ash’s full statement, posted on Instagram along with a photo of himself and his brother Antish:

Read Please ?❤️

It’s the seed that I plant from fear or love that will spawn and ripple in eternity, something I learnt from my beautiful friend and mentor @dr_espen

And my choice regardless of the hate, regardless of the cruel words, regardless of the way you racially abuse and judge me over those past few weeks and regardless of the amount of horrific cruel messages received, my choice will always be to plant the seed of love for it is the only way to a blissful life ?

Yes I have battled Hyperactive Thyroid since I was 21 and at this stage maybe Graves’ disease after consulting with a Naturopath and holistic health expert

I want to thank the few of you who were super nice and nurturing in reaching out and bringing this to my attention in the most caring way possible and for the majority or the rest that came in with so much hate and cruel intention whether bloggers or individuals, I still send you love no matter how fu**ed up your intentions towards me were ❤️

So time to quarantine and chill and worry about keeping away from covid-19. #consciousnessshift #spiritualawakening


Ash doesn’t mention any traits specifically in his initial post, but in the comments he seems to confirm that his bulging eyes were among the things people were commenting negatively about:

COMMENT: I think you both are a beautiful couple! I really feel for you Ash and your battle with Thyroid issues and Graves. I too have both. Hyperactive thyroid /Graves and thyroid eye disease. I think the general population doesn’t understand therefore they make rude comments. Like “wow your eyes are big” or “geesh what are you starring at.” I love your positivity and good vibes. Best of luck to you and your beautiful lady!

ASH: Thank you so much for this message, I hear you and feel for you as we navigate a similar boat but in different continents. I hope you are looking after yourself and keeping safe and some ppl even said it must be great to have hyperthyroidism as you never put on weight etc but believe I wanted to take this opportunity of what you shared to mention it’s not fun, from not being able to sleep well, you always on and non stop it’s not fun, the only thing that helps me is meditation, ice bath and going to the water in the morning it helps my heart rate and my sanity…thank you for sharing your story. Keep safe ??

COMMENT: My ex had Graves and they refused to test him 30 years ago. He ate a lot and got skinnier by the day. I forced him to go to a hospital without the consent of his doctor and not leave until they told him what was wrong with him. It turned out to be Graves disease and without medication he could have died. A lot of people were making fun of you because of the big eyes but many said it could be Graves. Your eyes reminded me of my ex and I looked for a goiter which most patients have. At least you did not get agressive like he did when he did not know what was wrong with him yet. 20 years later I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s which is hypothyroidism and people often comment on my weight gain when I hardly ate. The other way around from Graves and with similar symptoms. Auto-immune diseases are the worst. I will never understand why my body decided to attack my thyroid gland. ?Take care! ?

ASH: Thank you for sharing your sorry here it’s wonderful to get the support and hear similar stories, so that it can educate others too. I hope your hubby is better and that you are on a good hormone treatment, it’s the tricky part sometimes as it does play a lot with your mood and state of being. Sending love your way, what has helped me is meditation ☺️it’s what kept me grounded during the hate and judgement phase. Please keep safe ??

Here is an excerpt from The American Thyroid Association about the connection between Graves’ disease and bulging eyes:

Graves’ disease is the only kind of hyperthyroidism that can be associated with inflammation of the eyes, swelling of the tissues around the eyes and bulging of the eyes (called Graves’ ophthalmopathy or orbitopathy). Overall, a third of patients with Graves’ disease develop some signs and symptoms of Graves’ eye disease but only 5% have moderate-to-severe inflammation of the eye tissues to cause serious or permanent vision trouble.

Ash responded to numerous comments, and he was AMAZINGLY positive and considerate with every response. Here are some examples, including an interaction with his 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days co-star Stephanie Matto, who suffers from the rare bone marrow disorder aplastic anemia. Ash’s girlfriend Avery Warner also comments, as does Stephanie’s girlfriend Erika as well as their co-star “Baby Girl Lisa” Hamme.

STEPHANIE: People can truly be heartless when it comes to dealing with diseases. Thank you for being so open and sharing! ?

ASH: Thank you Steph it’s nice to see your [comment].

ERIKA: Well said Ash. You are so full of light and I’m sorry people aren’t seeing that right off the bat! Virtual hugs coming your way!!

ASH: Erika with all your beautiful glitters it’s hard to to want to give love ?? thank you


ASH: ??

BABY GIRL LISA: Facts Ash they just to much ?

ASH: I hear you Lisa l. I hope you are well and you safe at home ?

COMMENT: I love the close bond between you and your brother. It’s beautiful ❤️ I know you stated you want to go to a naturopath to assess your condition but I respectfully suggest going to a medical doctor as well since Graves is a serious condition. You want to get the best care possible. I’m currently battling a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer using conventional treatment. You may not agree with traditional medicine but for life threatening conditions it can save lives. You seem like such a positive soul, I’d hate for your health to be at risk ? Much love to you, your brother and your lady ?

ASH: Thank you for reaching out and your recommendation, I will definitely look into it and see the different alternatives, with this pandemic even the idea of being in a clinic makes me a lil paranoid but you are right and thank you for taking time to share your support. You seem to have a big challenge in front of you but you taking it with such positive energy, sending you all the love and support and please keep me updated of how things are on ur side with your treatment. Please keep extra safe during this pandemic ??

COMMENT: You need to be seeing an endocrinologist not those witch doctor you praise.

ASH: Appreciate your concern and recommendation. Hope you are well and Keeping safe.

COMMENT: Ash Why is your brother not nice to your girl friend??

ASH: ? We saw only 3 mins of a 4 hours take, they made peace in the end lol keep watching things will get a lil spicy ?

To continue watching Ash and Avery’s love journey, be sure to tune in for new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airing Sunday nights at 8/7 on TLC.

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