TEEN MOM 2 Chelsea p*rn star lookalike was Nathan Griffith’s date to the P*rnhub Awards

While scrolling through my Instagram feed yesterday I was shocked to see a collection of rather risque photos of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea DeBoer pop up! It turns out, the photos are actually an adult film star who happens to look A LOT like Chelsea at times. The initial gallery that I saw did not have the woman’s name, but after doing a little research, I figured out that her name is Tana Lea.

So, I’m scrolling through Tana’s Instagram feed pretending I am in an alternate universe where Chelsea Houska took a different path in life, when all of a sudden I see a photo of Tana with another lookalike of Jenelle Eason’s ex Nathan Griffith! But wait, it wasn’t a lookalike at all — it really was Nathan Griffith!

I do not know why or how it happened, but Nathan Griffith was Tana Lea’s date to the first ever P○rnhub Awards held in Los Angeles on September 6. “Amazing time with the one and only miss Tana Lea!” Nathan wrote along with a retweet of a photo of him with Tana on the red carpet. “Thanks for the invitiation! [sic] Follow her snap: bigredhoe.”

Nathan’s tweet got some riled up responses from Teen Mom 2 fans, especially given that Nathan is embroiled in a bitter custody battle for his and Jenelle’s son Kaiser. “Holy f**k Nathan stop hanging out in the p○rn industry and save your son – the f**k!” one person tweeted, adding: “Kaiser doesn’t have any clear minded parents.”

Tana responded by tweeting in her own defense:

Y’all really need to chill. He was my date for an award show. He didn’t abandon his child. I’m a human too, thanks for passing judgment. Also, I’m cool or was cool with Jenelle too. So ??‍♀️ thanks for tuning in.

In addition to looking like Chelsea and attending an awards show with Nathan, Tana has even more MTV connections! She dated Are You The One Season 2 star Tyler Pratt for a couple years. (This was after Tana says she was “picked up” by another AYTO Season 2 star.)

Here is a photo of Tana and Tyler together, but Chelsea fans should be warned that it is liable to make you angry seeing some other dude grabbin’ dat Chelsea DeBooty:

Back in September of 2016, Tana sat down for an interview with TheNikkiSin.com. The Q&A session makes no mention of Tana’s adult films, so it may be that Tana hadn’t made that career move yet. Tana did talk about her social media success and what she hoped for as far as her modeling career:

I’d like to get more into the mentoring side of being an Insta-hoe. What chick doesn’t want to be Instagram famous these days? Not to toot my own horn but I literally moved from the middle of no where, pulled my tits out a few times on Snapchat and started slaying my social media. I’d love to show other girls how to be confident or even fake confident to get what you want and do everything for you.

Tana also mentions in the interview that she and Tyler were filming a reality show pilot. I’m guessing that didn’t pan out.

So, in summary, we have a Chelsea DeBoer lookalike p○rn star with an affinity for MTV reality shows. I am guessing the countdown has already begun for the inevitable Teen Mom 2 p○rn parody.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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