UNEXPECTED Caelan’s mom Shelly attacks ‘the queen’ McKayla Adkins for withholding kids, feud erupts

Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins recently gave birth to her second child, but the reality star’s babymoon has been anything but calm and peaceful. In case you missed it, McKayla and Caelan broke up just before the birth of their daughter Gracelynn on January 29. The on-again, off-again couple have been struggling to co-parent since the recent split, and their struggles have apparently spread to co-grandparenting as well.

As a brief summary, Caelan’s mom Shelly claims that McKayla has her blocked and is refusing to allow her to see her grandchildren because she said something negative about McKayla’s family. Shelly insists this is a tactic that McKayla has used over and over again, and she is fed up with it. Shelly admits that McKayla is a good mother to her two children, but alleges she uses the kids as leverage. “We just want equal opportunity to be there for these children that we love so much,” Shelly says.

Other family members have also gotten involved in the social media feud, but McKayla and Caelan have remained relatively quiet. McKayla responded to a few tweets, and Caelan’s only post was a tweet that reads “I’ll never give up..”

Moving on the the FULL recap, the whole thing got started when Caelan’s mom Shelly posted a text graphic on Instagram earlier today that reads:

Children need to learn to take responsibility for their actions so that they do not become adults believing that nothing is ever their fault.

She captioned the image by writing: “This is so important. Take accountability. It’s a vicious cycle that only you can break.” She followed that by claiming that McKayla is now keeping her from seeing her grandchildren. “And I am blocked and forbidden to see my grandkids once again because I say something the queen doesn’t like,” Shelly wrote. “So her children get punished. Grow up little girl!!”

Shelly continued to express her frustration in the comments section:

COMMENT: Oh dear Lord… She’s going to have to learn the hard way…I’m so sorry

SHELLY: I’m used to this. It has been going on. If you say something she doesn’t like, she blocks you, withholds the children. But I am sick and tired of walking on egg shells and kissing her ass to try to be a grandparent. She needs to quit being selfish and think about her kids. I have been there for her 100% from day one, and whenever a certain someone is around, drama always happens, and then I get pushed away like nothing. I’m done keeping my mouth shut and protecting all of them. I’m sick and tired of it. She is an adult. So people will say I’m bashing a kid — she is not a kid if she can swear, tweet lies, and have children and use them against their own family. She can listen to me tell her the hard truth about life

COMMENT: My son has been there and done that with his 3 year old son. He now has custody because of the nonstop drama. Document, document, document! You can DM me if you need or want to. I worked as a social worker also. Lots of experience with this type of situation. ?❤

SHELLY: I tried to encourage Caelan to go to court because that is the only way she will quit having control over him being a father, but he loves her and doesn’t want to piss her off because that’s what will happen. She will not look at it as him putting in an effort to be a good dad and have equal time, she will take it as he is trying to hurt her. No one is trying to take the kids away from her. She is a good mother to them, but she has got to stop using it as a power struggle when it comes to Caelan and his side of the family. We just want equal opportunity to be there for these children that we love so much.

COMMENT: She needs to grow up? Maybe but telling her this through social media is not mature either…I understand she is pissed but don’t talk about maturity when you are talking sh*t about a teenager on social media for personal problems. Come on…We don’t know who is telling the truth anyway.

SHELLY: Look at my Instagram pictures every weekend pretty much I had Timothy but yet she tweeted a few weeks ago when she was mad that I only see him when the cameras are here we hadn’t found [filmed?] for months I had that baby every weekend so you decide who tells the truth

COMMENT: I mean can you just go to her place and talk with her and figure stuff out as two adults? For the kids

SHELLY: If it was that easy I wouldn’t have been on this roller coaster all these years. You have to say everything they like and agree with them or you get punished and I am an honest person I refuse to do that

As mentioned above, McKayla and Caelan have remained relatively silent on social media, but the same cannot be said for other family members, who kept the feudal fires burning on Twitter.

The Twitter fire was sparked after Shelly retweeted a message from Joel Osteen. That simple retweet would end up drawing in Shelly’s sister Shari, McKayla’s mom Shannon, and Shannon’s boyfriend Jay. (Fans will recall that when McKayla made her debut on Unexpected Season 1 that her mother Shannon was also pregnant at the same time. Jay is the father of that baby. He and Shannon have been together for more than ten years.)

I don’t know any better way to handle this than just step out of the way and share all of the tweets in their entirety. I will try to arrange them in order for readability, but that can sometimes be difficult when multiple people are chiming in at different times. Also, there are two Shari Morrison accounts, but they appear to both be the same person, so I have consolidated those tweets. Interestingly, Shari seems to contradict Shelly when she says that she is unaware of McKayla keeping their family from seeing the kids. Of course, it sounds like that was a recent development, so perhaps Shari just wasn’t aware.

SHELLY: Here we go?

SHELLY’S SISTER SHARI: Because jay knows all!! Lol ? Look at your own self and family and stop being the judge of our family.

JAY: Irrelevant or not I am part of your family am I not? My most recent accomplishment, becoming an adult, required me to take suggestions. Any action gets an equal or opposite reaction. @mckayladkinss and @caelan12111 had years to share how they wanted the other to adjust. Whatever the reason, unwillingness, trust, abandonment issues (which they both have in imo), outside influence, disgust, selfishness, you get The Point. @mckayladkinss is a great mom. She shares their growth to the world daily! Back off of people with your vague, gray and faulted opinion. Of course #unexpected put it all on the table and the rollercoaster ride of emotions would have melted most the kids have done pretty well. The adult members of our family need to act like it. Wherever @caelan12111 and Mckayla end up we have to accept that and move on. No more! No more “suggestive comments. Grow up! In many ways @mckayladkinss actions may seem extreme we have all been there. 5 years of neglect and abuse to each other. They learned it from us! My concern is the well being of ALL the children, @caelan12111 alike. Things just seem a little sketchy right now. I feel your pain. Would love to see more of Timmie and Grace. Space has seemed to add focus to Mckaylas and Caelans daily routine. The seed is planted let it grow. What can I do to help? #unexpected may portray division but really we all agree.

MCKAYLA (RESPONDING TO DELETED TWEETS BY SHELLY I BELIEVE): HAHAHAHAHA caelan was over last night seeing his kids? Lies, lies, lies. That’s all your family knows how to do. You’re crazy…I don’t need to ask him. He lies to me as much if not more than everyone else. I don’t really care what he said. I’ve never kept the kids from him. It is what is he’ll say what he wants and so will everyone else

SHARI: Can I ask what the lie was? Is it something I said? If it’s the tweet shelly made it looks like what she’s going thru in a relationship, it wasn’t meant towards you Mckayla. I’m not sure why our family is looked at as liars. I’m sorry you feel that way.

SHARI: Jay, I’ve said nothing about Mckayla, the tweet wasn’t about Mckayla so I’m confused why you are replying to to tweet that has nothing to do with you. That is why I commented to mind your own business. Take care of your family and we will do as we were taking care and supporting our family. Obviously Caelan and Mckayla want two different things out of life and are better people without being in a relationship together. Mckayla takes excellent care of the kids, let’s Caelan see them and right now that’s great.

MCKAYLA: Thank you. I would never keep the kids from caelan. I’ve been open and honest with caelan about my feelings regarding our relationship and haven’t left anything up in the air. I’m trying to make this as easy on both of us as I can I care about him and don’t want to hurt him.

SHARI: And you have also(as far as I know )been letting us see Timmy despite the differences between you and Caelan. The kids should have no idea what’s going on and as long as their world isn’t disrupted and they get the absolute love from both sides then I support both you and Caelan.

MCKAYLA’S MOM SHANNON: See that’s where your wrong. I’ve stayed out of the tweets, im w my daughter & grandkids every day & today she was so stressed being picked on & called names by a 38yr old woman, however jay is family. We have been tog. For 11yrs & in my kids lives for 11yrs. He loves & supports Mckayla & our grandchildren & goes above & beyond whenever he can, not to mention caelan calls him & visits him often & asks for advice. Yall Wana hate on him for whatever reason then go for it but HE IS & WILL ALWAUS be family & part of her life esp. When she’s upset or hurting

SHARI: Shannon, Jay was saying he is part of our family and I was saying no he isn’t. I’m glad you are allowed in the kiddos lives. It hurts to have the kids held from us because of an opinion that isn’t liked. The kids should not be effected because of difference in adult opinions. My sister is so stressed because of opinions about her son. He’s not perfect, but it hurts our family that he’s expected to be a perfect adult by your family and you all are allowed to have your opinions about him. If our family says anything about your family we are ripped to pieces and not allowed to see the kids. I just wish it was about the kids and not our thoughts and opinions. It’s sad that opinions from your side is blasted on social media and if we say anything then we are the bad guys. We have been called liars, crazy and toxic. It’s sad.

SHARI: So Jay has been there for Caelan just like Shelly has been there for Mckayla. Doesn’t always mean you will be treated good for what you did or do for a person. Nobody said Jay is a terrible person and Jay jumped on shelly’s tweet to comment on something that he doesn’t know what it’s about.

SHELLY (RE: SHARI’S RESPONSE TO JAY’S INITIAL TWEET): Don’t even acknowledge him I blocked him he just likes to start drama I’m tired of everyone. I’m not fighting to be in anyone’s life and if people want to be ignorant that is on them

SHANNON: Funny you always have some ignorant sh*t to say. You act like you’ve done nothing every time. He said nothing directly to you ignorant or otherwise & never has despite all the ignorant mean carp you said to my daughter today. Maybe we should put that all out there

SHARI: Yes, everyone Shannon and Jay and their family are all perfect. So there is no need to argue because you all are perfect and our family are liars, toxic and crazy. So There is nothing else to say because you have never ever had one nice thing to say to our family. Also I knew Mckayla had to be with you every day because that’s always when things go sour with Caelan and our family. Mckayla and Caelan need to move on get visitation and child support set up and move on only to communicate about the kids. You all despise Caelan and his family. So move on, and do what’s best for your grandkids despite your feelings about my sister or nephew. Once you do that all will be good. Since you’re with the kids every day please tell them auntie misses them. I’m thankful that Mckayla takes such good care of them. Our family misses them very much! ❤️❤️❤️

SHARI: No Jay, you are not family. Lol Mckayla is family and Timmy and Gracelynn are family. We accepted a long time ago what happens between them is what happens. They are still kids and aren’t sure what they want. We support them and Timmy and Gracelynn. That’s the biggest concern.

SHANNON: Thats funny. He may not be related to you but like it or not our families have to co-exist since caelan is yours & mckayla is ours. Jay has been part of Kay’s life for 11yrs & isn’t going anywhere she calls him her step-father so I’d say that makes him family. Who’s judging

SHARI: He is not our family at all.

SHARI: The Joel Olsteen tweet that started all of this was not towards anyone in your family. Jay automatically thought it was and I’m not sure why because even thru the tweets about our family we never said much at all.

Whew! These Twitter feud recaps are so exhausting to put together — I can’t imagine what it’s like to actually be caught up in them! I’m guessing we will see some of this extended family drama play out on the next season of Unexpected.

Meanwhile, let’s wrap this up with a little bit of positivity in the form of McKayla and Caelan’s uber-adorable daughter Gracelynn:



UPDATE – It seems Jay was working on a rather lengthy response while I was working on this rather lengthy post:

JAY: You are aware that @shellyEmorrison may have been lied to correct? Ntm y’all give me hell saying “I wasn’t at dinner so don’t speak on it!” I didn’t! Reread my initial response to Shelly’s Retweet. “I disagree Joel” that was my first sentence. We have kept our lips pursed for 2 years while your family has lied and started drama for no reason. IT’S BECAUSE YOU WERE LIED TO! YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TOLD THE TRUTH. The days calling off work and finishing work at 4 then hanging with friends till midnight. Bringing friends over without notice. And the list goes on.

@mckayladkinss has held her tongue for so long. But when she speaks truths everybody acts like we are a**holes. Tbh I don’t give a f**k anymore. No woman that passed her boy off to grandma for years because she didn’t want to put up with his stealing and lying. Couldn’t trust him around her younger son. So kick him out at 17 then persecute someone that never stopped fighting for her kids. F**k Shelly and and her self-centered narcissistic opinions. Then challenge a quote and block me? Are you f**king serious? Lmao @shannon another level of nana to all boys. Are you kidding me. Of course that’s your family and your stance is admirable. Lol but right or wrong you’re damaging your relationships. We don’t know the truth and neither do y’all. And everybody seems to forget these kids broke up like 30 times.

I spoke with Caelan today about things. So often I have assured him if he sold out to the kids bouncing on his knee (situation he created) it would change his life. And if you look at any tweet I ever made it regarded my personal experience. Shelly has our numbers anytime she wants to talk it out in private but until then just block me like your coward sister did. In the meantime I will never stop fighting for all the kids including Caelan. And beside Wtf is Shelly so stressed about their relationship?! This is why. She is disgusted at herself. She gonna diagnose Mckayla with abandonment issues during a talk with her son? I mean spending every weekend and holiday at gma house cuz she tired of him lying. Or tired of him sneaking. Or tired of whatever. She abandoned him and that’s why he never tells her the truth. He f**king hates her for abandoning him all those years that’s the problem. Then she chimes in to lead him and all it does is confuse him. All the hate and the blaming and the lies and the abandonment that you Shari know about. And you hate it cuz he is barley capable of adult thinking. The creep text. The mental…

Y’all are clueless. Even you Shari got to look back and say ahhh! So this is the consequence. Its obvious Caelan is forbidden to like me. But let me fill you in on a secret. I see him 3-4 times weekly always [friendly] and we always enjoy each other. If I’m so hateful why does he seek me out? He is bitter Shari. And he is confused. Everybody so busy telling how terrible and wrong we are. Just look at him and say this is all wrong. You can’t leave her alone all day in a story of lies. I mean daily Shari. Daily was how often he got caught up in lies. I love the man. And he plays ghost every now and then. Usually when I look him in the eyes and say step it up. If you wanna keep her you better find a way to make her happy. Ive been warning for years. If y’all wanna help, tell him the truth. I’m sure you have plenty of suggestions. Just you have been lied to unfortunately. It’s horrible to think all the mistruths that got this stupid ass selfishness started. That’s why the relationship is doomed. It is possible Caelan could repair things but it takes a 180. I’m happy if he would step up. In the meantime he is family to me and contrary to what one may suggest I work to completely provide for @DukoShannon. And my younger girls. And I offer secondary support to my in-laws home and Mckayla and Dylan. And have always supported you and yours (my extended family lol). A lot of hands on hours trying to walk the walk and show a young man that being a dad can be fun. I eat out sometimes. I ride dirt bikes. Take the kids on nature bikes. Etc. And I’ve done it all without stepping foot in a bar for 3 years.

In fact I haven’t left my home to hang with a buddy for over 3 years. That’s what I’ve had to do for @shannon to trust me again. I don’t even have a debit card for the bank account I have deposit over 70 straight bi-weekly paychecks with no cash back. Ever. Just because I’m administered a controversial drug from my doctor doesn’t make me a blunt toking hypocrite. Call it a crutch but here’s some things I don’t use as a crutch. My mom, dad, gma, gpa, MY KIDS, my health issues, my loneliness, my selfishness, the way I was raised or blah blah blah. If my kids show behavior they learned by watching me manipulate to get what I wanted. To stay high and medicated from REAL life I’m shutting it down! They correct it or I’m gone. That’s what my parents did by the way. Gone after 15yrs of abuse by me. Anyway if I’m sick I can’t help the sick. All of you were abandoned before. And All of you may have abandoned others, but until the spirit awakens and I can see the errors of my ways no one should ever believe what I say. Take no advice! Nope not gonna do that! @mckayladkinss should never be threatened or bullied by a hypocrite. You have seen the huge changes in our family over the years and with papa getting healthy there is no way but up for all of us. @unexpected sat us all down in a big circle then proceeded to throw every [??] and skeletons into a huge pile in the middle for us to swim through. Y’all climbed out the pool. We are still swimming.

UPDATE – And now Shari has responded!

SHARI: You make no sense, I’m done Jay. Go give your story of your perfect insight of your perfect life to someone else. ?? There’s something wrong with you. You twist my words every time I say something. I see it’s your way of saying you and your family are perfect, well leave us alone Jay!! Please and thank you!! I’m done because I’m about to say some things I will regret about you, I’ll be the adult and realize that our family is different than yours and the relationship between Mckayla and Caelan wasn’t one sided. There are two sides and we won’t bash Mckayla as you bashed Caelan.

Uh jay, he was 18 and didn’t have a job or license or car and her tough love made him man up. Mckayla has it different, she can come back when the tough times get tough then go back when she’s ready to, no one mentions it’s a good idea to work things out for the kids. Relationships are not easy at all. If She doesn’t love the kids dad and can say she did everything possible to work on the relationship then it’s over and the kids are the 1st priority. Then you can pretend that you know everything and preach about our family that you barely know. You have been lied to also.

What are you talking about you don’t make sense!!

UPDATE – McKayla has responded by posting a long series of text message exchanges between herself and Shelly. Click the link to see those and get all caught up!

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