Kail Lowry: ‘I wouldn’t go back to Javi. That man f**ked me over time & time again’

Are Kail Lowry and Javi getting back together? Kail says Hell no pretty much.

Forget spilling the tea, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry is spilling the Windex as she completely clears up those recent reports about her and ex Javi Marroquin getting back together!

“Javi and I are not getting back together,” Kail tweeted just as her her sky- and shark-diving Hawaiian vacay with co-star Leah Messer was coming to an end, “so whatever you’re reading is all bullsh*t.” Kail is referencing the recent deluge of articles claiming that Javi and Kail were possibly reconciling, despite the animosity that developed between the two when Javi was dating Kail’s co-star Briana DeJesus.

“How can you get back with someone who didn’t have your back when y’all were together?” Kail asked. “If you have a child w someone idc how bad it gets you don’t let someone go after the other parent,” she insisted, obviously referencing Briana’s negative comments about Kail.

Kail followed that comment with a string of tweet ‘n’ deletes in which she pulled zero punches:

And the only one who has truly had my back is Jo

That all being said, I wouldn’t go back to Javi. That man f**ked me over time and time again. & I’ve kept all his dirty little secrets. Never defended myself when I should have

And then he has the audacity to go on Twitter and IG as if we are working things out. Well, my friends, I’m sorry that’s not true. Don’t click on those articles.

This all must be quite devastating for Javi. How in the world is he going to survive not being on MTV? There are rumors swirling that he has been cast on The Challenge, so perhaps that will be his new lifeline? Time will tell I suppose.

Meanwhile, Kail’s vacation with Leah looks to have gone swimmingly — literally, as in with sharks! The two single moms enjoyed a thrilling time in Hawaii that included swimming with sharks, riding horses on the beach, and skydiving. “I love Leah so much ?? the memories with this girl this week,” Kail tweeted towards the end of their time together. “She’s so funny you guys.”

Leah responded: “?? I love you toooo! We have to get together more. ???”

Kail and Leah together in Hawaii:

Kail Lowry Leah Messer bikini Hawaii

Of course, Kail’s positive comment inspired a bit of snark, as one tweeter replied: “Aww u JUST figured this out after 9 years of knowing her ??? Lol”

Kail explained: “Ummm this is the first full vacation we did together. So I think I know her on a different level now.”

I know I’m looking forward to seeing Kail and Leah’s vacation on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2! (I’ve got $20 that says Kail pushed Leah out of that plane! lol)

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