Taco Bell selling Twix and Kit Kat quesadillas called Chocoladillas for $1

Taco Bell Kit Kat Chocoladilla chocolate quesadilla

There is no doubt that Taco Bell is the king of food mash ups, and for their latest offerings, the fast food chain is selling Twix and Kit Kat Chocoladillas. The $1 menu items are pretty much exactly what they sound like: quesadillas with melted Twix or Kit Kat bars instead of cheese. Have you ever heard of anything more ridicu… GIMME SOME! NOW!

In what might be perceived as ironic by some, the chocolate-as-cheese-substitute experiment is currently being tested only in Wisconsin, the state most famous for cheese production. Brand Eating is credited with being the first to discover the offering in the US, but the site reveals that Taco Bell previously tested the Kit Kat Chocoladilla (called the Kit Kat Chocodilla) in the UK last year.

Brand Eating got the scoop on how the chain decided on Kit Kat as a replacement in their existing Chocodilla (in the UK) with just plain ol’ boring chocolate. “During initial testing, they looked at a number of different chocolate flavors before Kit Kat came out on top,” the site reports. “From there, they tried ‘a Kit Kat crumble with chocolate sauce, Kit Kat bites with chocolate, and a few different variables from the Kit Kat family.'”

Mashable spoke with a Taco Bell representative who confirms that they have been testing the product in Wisconsin since October 5 “and will continue to offer it through through mid-November.” So what are the chances that us non-Wisconsians will be able to get a Kit Kat Chocoladilla at our local Taco Bell soon? “As for the likelihood it’ll come to your neighborhood, the representative said only that ‘customer response’ to this round of testing will help inform future plans for additional testing or changes to the Taco Bell menu,” reports Mashable.

Even if the Kit Kat Chocoladilla is a huge success in Wisconsin, there still might be a slight change before it hits menus nationwide. “There is one problem, though,” Inc.com points out. “‘Ladilla’ can be translated in Spanish as ‘crab louse,’ so some might be wondering why Taco Bell is serving chocolate crab lice.”

I hate to admit it, but I would still shell out $1 for melted Kit Kats on a flour tortilla, even if they called it Chocolate Crab Louse.

Of course, just thinking about the Kit Kat Chocoladilla got me wondering about other potential Taco Bell candy menu mash up ideas, and here are a few I came up with off the top of my head:

Pop Rocksadilla
Cadbury Creme Eggchilada

Taco Bell Twizzlurrito Twizzler burrito

Perhaps Taco Bell should hire me? Perhaps not?

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