SUMMER HOUSE Carl Radke says breakup with Lindsay Hubbard ‘harder than literally my brother passing away’

Summer House star Carl Radke is answering questions about his relationship at BravoCon 2023 and just compared his breakup to Lindsay Hubbard to losing his brother.

Watch the clip where Radke says that what he is currently going through is harder than a family member’s death…

Carl and Lindsay

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are OG stars of the Bravo reality series Summer House. The show follows a friend group of NYC professionals as they share a time share every summer since 2017. Radke and Hubbard are the only cast members who have remained on the show since season 1 other than Loverboy founder Kyle Cooke.

Lindsay and Carl have had an on again off again relationship for years, trying to date a few different times before finally deciding to give it a real shot by getting engaged in August 2022.

SUMMER HOUSE Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard relationship timeline

Hubbard was planning a destination wedding in Mexico where the pair had recently travelled to test out the menu and tour the wedding venue. Radke had hoped Below Deck’s Captain Lee would be able to officiate, as he was an instrumental figure in his life after the passing of his brother Curtis from drugs in 2020.

The loss happened during the filming of Summer House and rocked Carl to the core. So much so that he became sober and dropped out of the public-facing side of Cooke’s alcohol brand Loverboy. At the time, Kyle blamed Lindsay for the split.

Breakup vs. brother’s death

SUMMER HOUSE Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard engagement OFF

Carl Radke is breaking his silence on his split from Lindsay Hubbard and he’s doing it at BravoCon 2023. Telling Access Hollywood that the breakup has been worse than a death in the family.

The aforementioned brother who passed was easier to digest than losing Lindsay….

This has been harder than literally my brother passing away. I’m not kidding. It’s because of the emotional side. And then also what the fallout has been for two months. You know, I’m just optimistic that people will see this season, it’s gonna be painful but they’re gonna understand how a decision or a conversation that would come to that where I felt like I needed to say to Lindsay: “I’m not sure this is right right now.

Summer House is finished filming for the season and the truth will be revealed when it premieres at a later date.

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