SUMMER HOUSE Carl Radke “living out of a suitcase” since breaking engagement to Lindsay Hubbard

Summer House star Carl Radke still shares an apartment with Lindsay Hubbard but he hasn’t been there much since ending their engagement earlier this summer.

Read more on what he’s been up to from an unlikely source… ex-friend Danielle Olivera.

Carl and Lindsay

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are OG stars of the Bravo reality series Summer House. The show follows young NYC professionals as they navigate living in a Hampton’s timeshare every weekend in the summer.

Over the course of 7 seasons Radke and Hubbard had an on again off again relationship, attempting to make things work a few times before finally deciding to go the distance in 2022. The pair got engaged while the cameras filmed for Summer House.

SUMMER HOUSE Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard relationship timeline

The couple had a destination wedding planned, inviting only “the worthy” to Mexico to celebrate their nuptials. The pair hoped to have Below Deck‘s Captain Lee officiate. 

Hubbard Radke Wedding off

In an unexpected turn of events, Carl Radke called off his engagement and destination to Lindsay Hubbard just months before the autumn event was to take place.

SUMMER HOUSE Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard engagement OFF

Radke issued an official statement at the time saying:

Words cannot possibly express how difficult the last two weeks have been for Lindsay and I. We are so incredibly sorry to all of our guests for the confusion and lack of communication. We were left trying to figure out how this all exactly happened before we could even have the opportunity to determine the path forward amongst ourselves.

There have been a lot of false narratives and misunderstandings that have made this all the more painful but sadly at this time we are not moving forward with the wedding. The fact of the matter is Lindsay is devastated and I’m crushed with how all this transpired. I graciously ask for some patience and grace to heal and recover while we navigate this extremely difficult time.

I don’t take [this] lightly. We are super grateful for the love and support you have shown us and will do what I can to help with any costs associated with changing plans.

I’m sorry again this has become such a mess. Thanks for your unconditional love and support during this tough time. Will be in touch with further updates.

With love, Carl

Lindsay responded with her own statement.

SUMMER HOUSE Lindsay Hubbard responds to Carl Radke breakup

Danielle Olivera updates fans…

An unexpected source is giving fans an update as to Carl Radke’s living situation. Danielle Olivera, Hubbard’s ex-friend and costar, who went through her own break up in 2022. 

Olivera tells Bravo:

He’s been traveling. [Lindsay and Carl] are still in [the apartment], but he’s [living], assuming, out of a suitcase. 

The apartment in question is the infamous $13,000 per month New York City apartment.

As for why he’s been spotted at the Charleston airport since the break up, Danielle didn’t have a clue:

I don’t know who he’s talking to in Charleston, but … it’s probably one of his guy friends.

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