Leah Jenner’s baby bump photos are downright cinematic

Leah Jenner baby bump bikini photo

Singer (and Keeping Up With the Kardashians star) Leah Jenner announced earlier this month that she and husband Brandon Jenner are currently expecting their first child together. The duo made the announcement with a tropical and colorful photo of Brandon kissing Leah’s cheek as she showed off her growing belly.

Since that time Brandon and Leah have continued to update fans with more baby bump photos that are both dramatic and serene, thanks in large part to some rather beautiful backdrop scenery. In the photo above Leah is seen in the foreground in a bikini with the beach, sun, and clouds in the background — including a trail of footprints in the sand. (This had to take days to set up, right?)

Here are three more photos of Leah and her belly beautifully playing second fiddle in Mother Nature’s orchestra:

Leah Jenner pregnant Mauii

Leah Jenner pregnant on the beach

Pregnant Leah Jenner beach

But even without Mother Nature flexing her majesty in the background, Leah still manages to make pregnancy seem like the most natural and beautiful and downright chill thing in the world:

Pregnant Leah Jenner

“I could get used to this pregnancy thing,” Leah captioned her baby bump coffee coaster picture above, adding the hashtags #handsfreeminttea and #nextmonthTVdinner.

I could get used to this pregnancy thing too!

Thanks to Brandon and Leah for being so generous with the photo updates. We will stay tuned and hopefully update again soon. I’m also hopeful that we will get to see Brandon and Leah announce her pregnancy on this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Tune in for new episodes Sunday nights at 9/8c on E! to find out.

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