Mackenzie McKee launches Body By Mac, sells 200 in the 1st weekend

Mackenzie McKee Body By Mac program

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee has been teasing her new “Body By Mac” workout and diet program on social media for months, and she finally launched it over Memorial Day Weekend — apparently with great results.

The program officially launched via on Friday, just before Mackenzie left for an internet-free lake vacay with the family. She returned home to some very exciting news: “Went to our lake house for the weekend with no service and came home to realize over 200 have purchased bodybymac over the weekend ?” Mackenzie tweeted on Monday. “I was in tears at how many of you are wanting a healthy lifestyle change.”

Mackenzie later expounded on her excitement on Instagram:

It is Day 4 of me launching my bodybymac program and me and the ones who helped make it happened are thrilled of how well it has gone. Our goal was 100 this weekend and we are 200 in and counting ??. Thinking of all the lives being changed and everyone who is becoming stronger and healthier has me not even sleeping at night I’m so happy.

Mackenzie McKee Body By Mac photo

Just moments ago, Mackenzie revealed that sales numbers continue to rise, and revealed she might have to hire a nanny to keep up! “Any mommas have tips/advice on how to get your kids on a good schedule while at home running your businesses?” Mackenzie asked. “Or is it time to hire a nanny?” She added: “I’m thinking so, because I’m already planning out my next big project ?.over 300 so far who purchased Yass??”

So what is Body By Mac? (Actually, I think it may be trademarked as the hashtag #BodyByMac, so that is how I will refer to it from here on out.) #BodyByMac is a four-week fitness program that includes workouts and diet plans. Right now there are two video purchase options on the site: The #BodyByMac “4 Week Program” for $35 and the #BodyByMac “Health Program” for $2.99 (same link). There isn’t much information on the site (that I could find) about the two videos, but according to the preview clip, the “Health Program” is for diet and the “4 Week Program is the workouts.

Here’s the clip:

And just in case you needed more motivation to try #BodyByMac, here are Mackenzie’s reasons why you should:

1.) it’s affordable, only $35 for a four week intense shredding program

2.) highly effective

3.) fits anyone schedule

4.) no gym member ship needed and

5.) all done right in your living room (no equipment needed)

“6 months of blood sweat and tears put into this program for you to help YOU get bikini ready,” Mackenzie adds. “It’s that time y’all ?????.”

Hmmm… Perhaps I should give #BodyByMac a try — it’s gotta be way better than my current 20-year plan #BodyByMacNCheese!

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