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Sophie Turner's PSA 2

CELEBITCHYSansa Stark has a message for everyone not committed to social distancing and / or straight-up quarantine right now. (Paraphrased, it’s “Stay the f*ck home, idiots.”) But Sophie Turner’s PSA is really directed at celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Evangeline Lilly who don’t understand why this is so important and who then talk about it out loud, helping inspire further idiocy

DLISTEDThere’s an entire Twitter thread devoted to people sharing anecdotes about how mean Ellen DeGeneres is in real life, specifically so the dude who originated the thread will donate more and more money to charity. I think this is great, and not just for my profession — there have to be *tons* more A-list celebs who cultivate an air of public benevolence, but who are absolute shits to the “little people” around them. And we need more tea on those celebrities

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPCondolences to Little Women: LA star Christy McGinity, whose baby daughter Violet died yesterday at just 17 days old. Violet was born seven weeks premature; Christy and her boyfriend Gonzo Carazo spent every day by Violet’s side in the NICU

VOXWe could also have avoided a lot of trouble over the last few years if the networks had never given airtime to any of Donald Trump’s daily thoughts on anything at all, let alone a still-worsening viral pandemic. But I kind of doubt they’re going to all of a sudden stop now

THE BLEMISHIf you haven’t seen this video of a naked, bathtub-bound Madonna burying and praising COVID-19 in about equal measure, you need to do yourself a favor and click straightaway

JEZEBELThe “perfect playroom” is total aspirational bullshit, but that doesn’t stop hopeful parents (*raises hand* from organizing and reorganizing and cleaning it in hopes of preserving, for at least a moment, the elusive Platonic ideal

THE BLAST“Meryl Streep’s Daughter Grace Gummer Files For Divorce, Mr. Robot Star Was Secretly Married!”

REALITY TEA“NeNe Leakes Argues With Kandi Burruss For Shading Her In Confessionals On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

LAINEY GOSSIP“Exactly a week after one of the most cryptic album announcements, Donald Glover officially released his highly anticipated fourth studio album called 03.15.20. Before we get into the album itself, let’s talk about its release because it is so interesting and SO strange”

GO FUG YOURSELFEnjoy the relative stability and comfort of known routines, like the 2020 Fug Madness tournament still going on despite its athletic counterpart having been canceled weeks (months? years? feels like at least years) ago

(Photo credit: Sophie Turner’s PSA via Instagram)

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