REPORT LHHNY Samantha Wallace accused of neglecting Mendeecees Harris’ son; loss of custody rumored

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There’s a new wrinkle in the ongoing saga between Love & Hip Hop New York‘s Mendeecees Harris and baby mamas Samantha Wallace and Erika–and, though it involves a rumor, the allegations appear to be potentially serious. To this point during LHHNY Season 7, we’ve seen some fiery insults get hurled from Yandy Smith-Harris and Yandy’s mother Judy against Mendeecees’ two baby mamas, and Samantha in particular. At first, it looked like the four women would mostly engage in shade-throwing, and possibly a little light backstabbing. However, most recently (and shockingly), the tone of their story took a sharp turn: it now involves a set of supposedly racy photos featuring Samantha engaged in sex acts for money–and Yandy and Judy threatening to blackmail Samantha with them.

Now, according to Fameolous, there might be a new wrinkle in the storyline. Apparently, an anonymous source has come forward to allege that Samantha Wallace has been neglecting Lil Mendeecees while going out in search of a good time. “Her son,” says the woman, of Samantha and Lil Mendeecees, “is on my living room floor while she’s out drinking champagne and eating shrimp….I want to call ACS [Administration for Children’s Services] because Lil’ Mendeecees hasn’t been stable since his father went to jail and he’s furious all the time.”

Here’s the accusatory audio in full. Remember–at this point, the whole story is merely a rumor, and hasn’t been verified by anyone involved:

Samantha, for her part, isn’t letting the latest gossip and rumors about Mendeecees or Lil Mendeecees get her down:

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 continues Monday nights on VH1.

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