PHOTOS Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have a Simple Life reunion at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards

The Simple Life Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie together again 2018

In a glorious moment of reality show nostalgiatrulescence, former The Simple Life co-stars Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reunited Sunday night at The Daily Front Row‘s fourth annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday.

Paris and Nicole reportedly greeted each other with a hug before chatting it up a bit prior to the event. “They were both smiling and laughing during the exchange and seemed happy to see each other,” according to E! News.

For those of you excited about a potential reboot of The Simple Life, you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up. Paris spoke with Ocean Drive Magazine in November and pretty much shot down any possibility of returning to reality television:

The multimillion-dollar question: Would you ever do a reality show again?

I literally get calls every single day from every network, from every single producer in town pitching me different ideas, but I feel like The Simple Life was just so iconic and one of a kind that you can’t replicate that. I can’t see it going better than that show. My priorities are different. I’m running a huge business and I’m traveling. I don’t really have time to do a bunch of fake drama on a reality show.

Although the Golden Age of television reboots was already well under way at the time of Paris’ interview, it has continued to explode with recent smash hit returns that includes Roseanne and Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Paris seems to be a business woman first and foremost, and perhaps second on her list would be preserving her image as a business woman and not just a heiress or out-of-touch reality star. I think she could maintain both of those priorities with a The Simple Life reboot if they threw in an added twist.

My concept would be to flip the tables and inject Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie — now 15 years older that when The Simple Life premiered — into the lives of young people in their teens and early twenties who are still living the party life and who haven’t really found much direction in their lives. The show could have a lot of the same awkward lifestyle clashes that the original Simple Life was so famous for, but this time it would be Paris’ and Nicole’s maturity that put them at odds with a crowd at a teen rave in Miami or a keg-fueled bonfire in the West Virginia woods.

I believe presenting Paris and Nicole as the mature half of the equation would do wonders for their branding, and I think it would be fascinating and entertaining for us viewers seeing the tables turned! In all seriousness, I think Paris and Nicole could connect to some young people in ways that few others could — because their youths were so unfettered in many ways (given their wealth and social standing) and because their youthful years were soooooo publicized. Not only would I enjoy the hilarity of the inverse fish out of water scenario, but I would greatly enjoy what I’m sure would be the very real and very positive impact of Paris and Nicole on these young people’s lives (if they are open to it) and vice versa.

Perhaps they could even convince Simple Life alum Kesha to come along for the reboot?

Kesha Paris Hilton Nicole Richie The Simple Life

I’m not sure how serious that last suggestion is, I just love having ANY opportunity to share that screen cap of Kesha, Paris, and Nicole together. 🙂

Ah, but I digress. Let’s get back to Sunday’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards! Paris was in attendance to present designer Philip Plein with the Fashion Rebel award, while Nicole was on hand to honor Jamie Mizrahi with the Best Design Debut award. Both ladies were looking fandamntastic, with Paris wearing a plunging black Philip Plein gown and Nicole in a floral pink and silver Juicy Couture dress created by Jamie Mizrahi. Here are a few photos from the ladies’ Instagram accounts as well as Paris’ intro speech from the awards:

Decked out in @PhilippPleinInternational for the @DailyFrontRow Fashion Awards. ?

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