Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison need ‘Couples Therapy’

Courtney Stodden poses in boxer briefs.

I was actually starting to feel a little bad for age-gapped lovers Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison as month after month passed by without their dream being reached. Then, like manna from reality Heaven, VH1 reached down and gave them the joy they always longed for…

To be cast on a reality TV show.

Stodden married Doug when she was 16, he was 51, and the news at first was scandalous and fascinating. Folks were wondering who she was, how it happened, and were trying to remember who Doug Hutchison was when they were reminded he was Percy from The Green Mile and that other dude from Lost.

Following the initial tidal wave of press the couple started making it clear without “making it clear” that the big goal in all of this was to get their own TV show. While they may not have landed the big cheese of their own special show the two will be featured on Couples Therapy. Yes Dourtney is having issues in their marriage and they will attempt to hammer them out on TV.

The show which features “intense counseling” by professionals has featured noted former reality cast members such as Vienna Girardi / Kasey Kahl and Angelina Pivarnick / Chris Nirschel.

I can’t wait to see if there’s a part where a counselor will discuss Courtney’s unforgettable Twitter feed.