Sonja Tremont Morgan says Ramona Singer used to be “crazier” 20 years ago

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Sonja Tremont Morgan is a new “Real Housewives of New York” but she’s not really new to the girls; she’s pretty well acquainted with everyone except Alex, who she had only met briefly before.

In particular, she lunches with LuAnn regularly, and used to party at Studio 54 with Ramona 20 years ago.

Sonja has this bit of inside information about Ramona: “I’ve known Ramona for 20 years. She’s not crazy now. She was crazy then; she’s normal now.”

Sonja, who recently divorced a descendant of J.P. Morgan, was offered a spot on the show the first time around, but declined because of her recent divorce and the age of her daughter. Her daughter’s now nine, the wounds of her divorce are healed, and she’s seen all the products these ladies are pushing on the show. Sonja openly admits that she joined the show purely to have the opportunity to pitch a product, though she doesn’t know what that product is yet.