SISTER WIVES Will Christine Brown change her last name after marrying David Woolley?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is engaged to “love of her life” David Wooley. Will she stay a Brown after her nuptials or take his last name?

We have a clue to her decision, and the cute photos that go along with it…

Sister Wives

Sister Wives is a TLC reality show that follows Kody Brown and his polygamist family. Since the show debuted in 2010 however, most of the wives have abandoned him and are now enjoying separate lives on their own.

Kody is still with his fourth wife Robyn Sullivan Brown, and it appears the two are living monogamously. Their family truly doesn’t believe they will add any more wives, as their conservative Mormon religion would suggest.

While Meri and Janelle have informally moved on, third wife Christine is officially out for good: she has found the “love of her life” and has never been more happy.

Christine and David

Christine Brown left Kody Brown in November 2021. Shortly after she began dating widow David Woolley and their relationship has been on the fast track ever since.

Woolley seems like a kind man, who often refers to Christine as “his Queen.” While one on her children vows to never get along with him, everyone else seems to – including sister wife Janelle.

Christine and David are currently planning a wedding after getting engaged after 4 months of dating. While not much is known about the nuptials, we do have a clue as to if she’ll be changing her name after the event.

Soon to be Mrs. Woolley

The adorable couple flew with Delta Airlines on a recent trip and posted photos of them smiling from ear to ear. Another thing Christine decided to share was an adorable note left by a flight attendant who happens to be a fan.

As you can see in the letter, it is addressed to the “soon to be Mrs. Woolley.” Christine didn’t deny or correct this claim, in fact she posted that she was overwhelmed by the kindness and doubled down on the whole “love of my life” thing.

We cannot WAIT to see Kody Brown’s reaction to Christine becoming a Woolley…

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