90 DAY FIANCÉ Emily Bieberly’s dad David launches condom line inspired by Starcasm meme!?

90 Day Fiance Kobe Blaise and David Bieberly condoms for sale

If you have a 90 Day Fiance fan on your Christmas list, we have the perfect gift idea: a condom with a famous quote from Emily Bieberly’s dad David! 😂

Kobe Blaise and the Bieberly family unveiled their new prophylactic product with a hilarious video inspired by an emotional scene from the show… and a Starcasm meme?!

For those who haven’t seen the show, or for those who need a refresher, David and his future son-in-law Kobe had a VERY touching moment on the day of Kobe and Emily’s wedding in which David gave Kobe a small gift before expressing how proud he was to welcome him into the family.

David explained that he had previously written Kobe a heartfelt letter, and the gift was related to that. “I gave Kobe something personal that I wanted him to have that would remind of what my letter said to him. It’s a really beautiful thing.”

However, the item was never revealed on the show. At the Tell All, David gave Kobe permission to reveal what the gift was, but Kobe decided it was better to not say.

What David didn’t know at the time that he gave Kobe the gift was that his daughter Emily was pregnant with Kobe’s second child. This was after Emily and Kobe had promised they wouldn’t get pregnant again before getting married and moving out of Emily’s parents’ house. All of this context resulted in this meme:

I should also mention that David sternly told Emily earl on in the season: “You better not get pregnant!” Fast forward three months and Bieberly, Inc. has made the meme a reality — with their own funny spin:

😂😂😂 Dave’s “You better not get pregnant” condoms are currently available on davescondoms.com while supplies last. At the time of this post, the pricing is $9.99 for 3 or $15.99 for 5.

It’s unclear who created the portrait of David used on the condoms, but given that there are multiple Bieberly artists I would assume that the design was done in-house.

Starcasm has been churning out silly images for more than 14 years, and this isn’t the first time our silliness has inspired an actual product available for purchase. Our “Gangsta Babs Evans” and Kieffer Delp hoodie images got turned into emoji stickers as part of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ Jemoji app launched in 2017.
Starcasm JEmoji Kieffer hoodie and gangsta Babs Evans from Teen Mom 2

Unfortunately, we are are still patiently waiting for the first album from Michael and the Goofballs:

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