Leon Brown shares TikTok showcasing gender-affirming top surgery

Leon Brown

Leon Brown, who is Sister Wives‘s Meri and Kody Brown’s only child, came out to the world trans in late June of last year. They shared at the time that their name pronounce were “they/them.”

In a poetic TikTok posted on Sunday, January 24, 2023 Leon shared the beauty of a quiet morning making bread and coffee. In the video they were shirtless, showing that they have undergone and healed from gender-affirming top surgery.


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Their TikTok is a quiet meditation about enjoying life in the moment and appreciating the joys of daily rituals. “It is the little moments that become the big moments, and missing them is like missing your whole life,” they say in the contemplative video.

In their coming out as trans post last year Leon said that they were opening up about this to connect with people, but they also wanted to set boundaries with people who do not respect their name or pronouns.

Leon’s mother Meri has shown support for their coming out as trans with an Instagram story. Kody, Leon’s father, has not yet publicly acknowledged Leon’s transition.

Leon’s partner Audrey Kriss is also transgender, and came out in December 2021.

Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown

Audrey has been very open about sharing their transition journey with their online community.

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