Sierra Gates is not here for your pity or your scorn now that husband Shooter’s infidelity is public

Sierra Gates on Love & Hip Hop 5

The secret of Moriah Lee’s married mystery man may be out, but, for Sierra Gates on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, that’s no reason to take her eyes off the prize. We now know–as many viewers predicted well ahead of time–that the married man who’s been cheating with newbie Moriah Lee was none other than Rod “Shooter” Gates, whose wife is a) fellow new cast member Sierra Gates, and b) Moriah’s glam shop boss.

But fan reaction appears to be on Sierra’s side–especially in light of the reveal that Rod is paying Moriah both for her services and her silence. As devoteés will recall, Sierra’s history makes her especially impervious to present-day foolishness: being forced into full-time employment after she had a baby at 15 hardened her outlook, and she does not suffer foolishness gladly. (It’s something that ex-employee Lovely Mimi learned the hard way after Sierra called her bluff and fired her about two minutes into her first-ever scene.)

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In fact, just before the most recent episode of LHHATL aired, Sierra shared an Instagram message for someone very prominent in her past–and in retrospect it looks like a warning to any and all current detractors as well:

As for the rest of Sierra’s family, it seems that she’s the one person in her mother’s life who can put things into perspective. Though Sierra’s Instagram feed is almost exclusively related to her glam shop, her oldest daughter Paris recently celebrated her 12th birthday, and Sierra was quick to share the love:

Happy Birthday my pretty little baby, I love you I love you I loveeee youuu❤ 12 years old

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Sierra’s youngest does the same:

My baby growing up happy birthday RyRy I love you girl?

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And Shooter doesn’t even appear in Sierra’s most recent update–which of course led to speculation that the two might have already split:

Told my whole whole family pack your bags we outta here.. #TripOnMe??

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(Photo credits: Sierra Gates on Love & Hip Hop via Instagram)

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