BELOW DECK MED Natasha Webb is an actress? See videos of her acting in movie shorts, commercials and more!

Below Deck Med chief stew Natasha Webb is an actress

Working at your job while being filmed can be awkward for a lot of people, but Below Deck Mediterranean chief stew Natasha Webb is no stranger being in front of a camera. The 32-year-old Brit is an aspiring actress with quite a few credits to her name!

Let me say right off the bat that the fact that Natasha is an aspiring actress takes NOTHING away from the authenticity of her appearance on Below Deck Med. There are millions of aspiring actors and actresses out there, and inherent in the adjective “aspiring” is the likelihood that most of these people have to work other jobs to make ends meet.

Natasha is no different. Her yachting resume is 100% legit. She has 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with 10 of those in yachting. As we previously reported, she recently launched Indie-Pearl, a website for recruiting yachting employees.

I’m sure that Natasha’s acting experience didn’t hurt when she applied to the chief stew position aboard Home, but please don’t use this information as any sort of reason to bash producers, casting, or Natasha. I’m as bothered as anyone with aspiring actors being cast on heavily scripted reality series, but that doesn’t work well on a show like Below Deck Med where you actually have to do a difficult job. Just watch the show and you will see right away that Natasha is a VERY talented stew with a wide ranging skill set.

Natasha Webb The Actress

I could sum up Natasha’ acting background and experience for you, but I will let her speak for herself. Here’s Natasha’s “About Me” from her profile:

From childhood growing up in West Yorkshire, right the way through to adulthood, my passions have always been within performing arts, drama and entertainment.

I was raised taking part in theatre productions and specialised dance competitions from a young age, then moved onto studying drama and performing arts at school.

After studying my Acting course at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), I wanted to focus my acting career around television/film. After working on several TV commercials, features and short movies, I have my aspirations towards performing in a major TV series and feature films.

Outside of acting, I have grown an abundance of knowledge and life skills from a variety of different jobs, from teaching children, to management on large super yachts around the world. With a life fulfilled with adventure and travel, I have grown my skillset revolving around my hobbies of salsa dancing, majorettes, scuba diving, playing golf and mastering to speak Spanish to a fluent level. I have now transitioned to committing myself full-time in acting work and looking forward to sharing my skills and talents entertaining others in my future projects.

Natasha Webb Acting Resume

Natasha’s acting resume includes quite a few entries since 2016, including multiple commercials, a couple film shorts, and her playing Frenchy in the musical Grease. I believe her biggest role to date was as a supporting actress in the short film Where Is Lucy?

Natasha plays Lucy’s mother, which looks to be a pretty big role. Unfortunately, the only Where Is Lucy? video I could find to share here is the preview trailer, which doesn’t include Natasha. However, I did track down a video of Natasha talking about what it was like working alongside actress Eva Petersson, who received rave reviews for her role as the title character:

Natasha was the lead actress in the 2021 short Monitor, and we’ve got something better than a clip — we’ve got the whole thing! I won’t say anything to spoil the story…

We’ve got some additional examples of Natasha’s acting chops in the form of some samples she recorded herself. We will start off with Natasha playing the part of a real estate agent:

And how about Natasha Webb doing Shakespeare? We’ve got a couple examples of that as well!

Natasha Webb Commercials

Natasha has starred in quite a few commercials. Not surprisingly, several of them were on a yacht. Here are a couple samples in which Natasha shows off her stewpendous skills aboard the super yacht Titania:

And we will wrap things up with Natasha Webb pitching the DAMAC Hills luxury apartments in Dubai:

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