Drunk Scott Wern trashes TLC, is unemployed living in a camper at his mom’s?

Scott Wern trashes TLC in drunken Instagram rant

90 Day Fiance: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star Scott Wern is going through it. Again.

The 52-year-old Instagrampa recently posted videos of himself drinking Fireball, singing along to Lady Gaga, and revealing that he is living in a camper in his mom’s yard after losing another job(s).

In addition to the potent potable pity party, Scott also lashed out at TLC for bad editing, which made him seem like a jerk and “a f**king cringy motherf**ker.”

Scott Wern shares troubling posts

Prior to posting the videos, Scott shared a text graphic on Instagram that read: “God..give me strength 🙏🏻” He added this as a caption:

Losing everything… I was hoping 2024 would be better.. you keep getting kicked when your down, crap editing that destroyed your life and losing your home and best friend .. when will it get easier?

Prior to deleting the text graphic, Scott responded to some of the comments.

“What happened today?” one commenter asked. “Did you lose your job?”

“Lost it all,” Scott replied.

Before the 90 Days star Tyray offered Scott some positivity. “Praying bro, it’ll get better 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾”

The positivity didn’t seem to have any effect on Scott’s mood. “Sometimes it doesn’t,” he wrote in response.

Another similar interaction:

COMMENT: Prayer helps… just remind yourself it could be worse and count the blessings u have 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 they will help keep u strong

SCOTT: You have no idea .. worse ? Im already defeated and decimated!!!

The Other Way and The Single Life star Debbie Aguera also offered Scott some positivity:

You can move forward and define yourself as a good man that can’t be kept down by hate. Please don’t drink too much and understand we go through bad times to refine ourselves to have more empathy, courage and compassion to help others. You are just on your way to helping define yourself on a path to a new and better life. When we fall we get up and shake off the debris of hate and discouragement to keep focused on a life that really matters. ❤️🎨

Scott didn’t respond to Debbie’s comment.

Scott Wern drunken Instagram videos

Soon after sharing the text graphic, Scott posted a video thanking those who offered their support. He’s drinking straight from a bottle of Fireball and appears to be a bit inebriated.

“I appreciate everybody reaching out,” shirtless Scott says in the 46-second clip. “Thank you so much.”

He continues by realizing the potential to turn lemons into lemonade by focusing on his one true passion — having lots of Instagram followers.

“It’s tough sometimes. But hey, 100,000 followers, maybe I can make some money, like endorsing Fireball, right? You know, as an influencer, right?”

Immediately after boasting about having a lot of followers, Scott starts complaining about an inevitable aspect of having a lot of followers.

“I’m sure, like this post and every other post, they’ll make fun of it somewhere else.” Scott says. “You know, nothing like kicking you when you’re down.”

Before signing off, Scott shows off his influencer skills by seemingly coming up with a new slogan for his favorite alcohol brand. “I don’t always drink Diet Pepsi. Fireball’s good tonight.”

Scott Wern Fireball magazine ad

Scott concludes on a positive note. “Anyway, I’m great now. I’ll be alright.”

Scott Wern returns even more drunk

Scott obviously continued to privately endorse Fireball before returning to Instagram for another, much longer video.

The nearly-seven-minute stream begins with Scott in his camper. He’s still shirtless (of course) and still drinking Fireball straight from the bottle, as Lady Gaga performing “Shallow” from A Star Is Born plays in the background.

Tipsy Scott joins in as Lady Gaga sings:

…Aren’t you tired tryna fill that void?
Or do you need more?
Ain’t it hard keepin’ it so hardcore?

I’m falling
In all the good times, I find myself longing
For change
And, in the bad times, I fear myself

Scott pans over to show that his dog, Ali, is with him in the camper. “Sometimes life just sucks,” Scott says, as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper continue to sing.

“You know, like sh*t happens,” Scott says, getting a bit emotional. “And you get thrown a lot of curve balls in life. You have to make the best of it.”

Scott reads comments from those tuning into the live stream. “Yeah, Fireball’s the best.” he concurs.

Here’s a clip from Scott’s stream re-posted on Reddit:

Drunk Scott on live ig
byu/ChileanPinot in90dayfianceuncensored

Eventually, Scott talks about his present situation and why his life currently sucks. “I’ve been through a lot. You go from having a brand new home you built to having this.” Scott gestures and pans around the interior of his camper.

“It sucks,” he continues, adding that he is “trying to keep smiling.”

Scott mentions “losing your best friend” in his list of lamentations, but he doesn’t reveal any more details about who that was.

“I lost everything,” Scott says. “Everyone knows that. They wrote 5,000 stories on [it] last year. ‘He went bankrupt.’ ‘He lost his house.’ ‘He owed the IRS taxes.’ ‘Had a stroke.’ Everything.”

Scott then returns to talking about losing someone. “People come in your life. People that you love. People that you lose. Stuff like that, you know? But, you know, that’s life, you know? It’s hard.”

Scott reveals that working out is how he usually deals with life being hard, but adds “today is just, like, too much, you know? Today is, like, too much.”

Scott Wern trashes TLC

Scott later decides he isn’t going to be the only one trashed in the stream as he angrily trashes TLC!

“This f**king show. The way they edit this sh*t made me look like a f**king cringey motherf**ker,” Scott says, clearly riled up. He continues his rant and reveals how much he got paid!

“F**k TLC. Take their f**king 13 grand they’ve given me and shove it up their f**king ass! F**k them!…Because anyone that knows me knows I’m a completely different guy than that was portrayed on the f**king shows, you know? It’s crazy.”

90 Day Fiancé‘s sarcasm shaman (and eScott aficionado) Shabooty shared a brief cliip from Scott’s stream in which he puts TLC on blast. As you can probably tell from the quotes above, there is quite a bit of not SFW language!

Scott soon turns his anger to social media, calling out Reddit specifically.

“And then these f**kers on Reddit and f**king reality trash bullsh*t, talking sh*t about me, kicking me when I’m down all the time. Heartless motherf**kers. I wish one of them would say that sh*t to my f**king face.”

But, of course, Scott would be open to returning to TLC. “I almost wish I had another show to give me more attention, to show the real me,” he says later in the stream.

Scott Wern is unemployed again

If you’ve been following Scott recently, you know that his fourth bankruptcy was finalized on October 31 of last year. Immediately after the case was finalized, Scott sold his house in Florida and moved to New York City, where he had a job as a respiratory therapist waiting.

Scott announced in January that he was moving to West Palm Beach, Florida where he had a respiratory therapist job lined up, starting towards the end of the month.

Scott made multiple social media posts implying he would be going back and forth between Florida and New York for work. He shared this photo of a camper he planned to live in while in Florida:

90 Day Fiance Scott Wern is living in a camper at his mom's house

Apparently, Scott’s jobs in West Palm Beach and New York went away.

“I’m not working anymore,” Scott reveals. “I’m done. I’m officially retired as of today.”

The retirement didn’t seem voluntary, but Scott doesn’t give any specifics as to why he is no longer working. He does mention the effects of his stroke last year though.

“People realize how hard it is doing my job after you have a stroke because you forget sh*t,” Scott says. “My short-term memory sucks. You get depression, anxiety, everything.”

Scott returned to Instagram a day later and shared a couple videos working out at the gym. “Whatever it takes!!” he captioned his most recent post.

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