Robin Williams’ ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay

Williams 2


Robin Williams’ death certificate reveals that he was cremated the day after his death, and his ashes scattered in San Francisco Bay.

Williams was found in his home, dead of a suicide, on August 11.

The certificate lists his date of disposition as August 12. The place of final disposition is listed as “San Francisco Bay, off the coast of Marin County, CA.”

The document also reveals the location of Williams’ private funeral: Monte’s Chapel of the Hills, in nearby San Anselmo.

It was known that Williams’ funeral would be very small: “It’s not official yet, but that’s the plan,” a source revealed on August 13. “It will be small. They [Williams and his widow Susan Schneider] were both very private people.”

It’s not clear whether that source was involved enough with the plans to know that the actor’s cremation and funeral had already taken place.

Ed Leon, owner of Monte’s Chapel of the Hills, said that his funeral home “assisted the family…they hired us for private matters, and that’s all I can say. They entrusted us with their privacy.”

In related news: during the autopsy, chemicals were found in Williams’ system. The results of the toxicology examination won’t be available for two to six weeks, which is a standard delay.

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