Now you can draft Adrian Peterson high in your mug shot fantasy league!

MUGSHOT Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Viking stud RB Adrian Peterson has been a consistent top 5 fantasy football league draft pick for a while now. Well you can put AP high up on your fantasy mug shot draft board now that the smiling after getting tipsy and allegedly scuffling with a cop mug has surfaced!

Peterson was arrested after he allegedly shoved an off-duty cop while he was getting his drink on at a Houston nightclub.

The general manager of da club, Live at Bayou Place, has stated that Adrian was flat out hammered as he partied into the early morning, in other words, All Day went all night… This isn’t AP’s general MO as he usually keeps it cool and collected when he’s out in public and leaves the damage for opposing tacklers.

He allegedly apologized to the authorities after the incident. He also tweeted, “Thank you for waiting for the facts. Truth will surface.” Truth, and a mug shot of course (click on the above image for a full screen shot of AP’s booking photo.

Mug Shot: HPD / Splashnews