PHOTOS Rihanna wows at Barbados Kadooment Day Parade

Rihanna grinds at Kadooment Day Parade

Sometimes it takes some pretty extreme images to remind me of exactly how much I’ve longed to stand under Rihanna’s umbrella. She’s so pervasive and has been photographed in so many hot ways you can kind of forget. But and I mean butt, these photos of the singer from the Barbados Kadooment Day Parade brought all her hotness back home and for that I’m very thankful. They are, so to speak, pretty and extreme.

This was a homecoming if you didn’t know as the pop star was born in Saint Michael, Barbados and did not move to the U.S. until the age of 16. Before these festive and seriously hot images Rihanna was making headlines for being exactly not that. She was seen out and about sans her red hair in a toned down outfit while doing some shopping.

Here is what she had to tweet about her upcoming stay in Barbados:

Rihanna also happens to be the official spokesperson for Barbados and at the Kadooment Day Parade which celebrates the culmination of the Cropover Festival which is a major annual street party she was doing her job oh so well. Here’s a shot of Rihanna’s redonkulousness in full effect (now this is how you officially promote something):

Rihanna wows at Barbados Kadooment Day Parade

In additional Rihanna news it’s being reported that the singer is nearing completion of her 6th studio album to be called Louder. She’s set to perform on her native soil later this week.

Yep, these photos have certainly rekindled that old Rihanna fire that once again burns so bright but just in case you’re not quite there here’s one more patented long shot:

Rihanna parties in Barbados at Kadooment Day Parade

Photos: Islandpaps / Splash News

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