A very relatable Rihanna shows off hairy legs, gets honest about stretch marks on Instagram

Rihanna was not shy with her recent Instagram photos. In the @badgirlriri pics, captioned “when u can’t wait for summer,” she flaunts visibly hairy legs. In another photo from the same set, the rays of sun on Rihanna’s torso make it look like she’s also sporting some faint stretch marks. And, when someone pointed out her “tiger stripes” in the comments, Rihanna responded that it was just the sun, but added that she does have stretch marks.

Hello Giggles screencapped Rihanna’s response to the comment about her stretch marks. They’re common on people of any size, but stretch marks are also often a point of huge insecurity. So much of the beauty industry and celebrity beauty machine are about covering up perceived blemishes and imperfections — you might even say that it’s the driving force behind both. It’s therefore refreshing to see someone as hugely popular as Rihanna, a beauty icon for millions, be so open about things like this.

Rihanna is one of those stars who always seems obscenely put-together, right below Beyonce’s level of perfection. And she still, is in these (seemingly) makeup-free photos. But the photos reveal a more human side to her beauty.

when u can’t wait for summer.

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It’s even more significant that this is Rihanna showing off her unshaven legs, because she already has a successful makeup line. Rihanna is also about to launch a lingerie line, one that’s notable for its size-inclusivity and its apt name: “Savage.” Being open and relatable for your customer base can definitely boost sales, but it also boosts confidence all around.