PHOTOS Farrah Abraham on the EOTM Awards red carpet

Farrah Abraham EOTM Awards red carpet

Sunday night was a big night for former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham because, as we reported earlier, she was adding a rather impressive line to her dauntingly long resume: Awards show host! And no, we’re not talking about the AVN Awards, this was the EOTM (or Entrepreneurs On The Move) Awards — and Farrah looked downright elegant in a sleeveless powder blue dress with a touch of bejeweling just below Farrah’s rather famous bust line.

Farrah Abraham at the EOTM Awards

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Farrah Abraham EOTM photo  Farrah Abraham EOTM Awards back view

I have to confess it’s a little odd doing a “Farrah Abraham attending an event” photos post when she’s not wearing a skimpy bikini or surrounded by sex toys and women in leather lingerie and fishnets. I’m not sure how she fared hosting the event, but I must concede that she handled the pre-awards part well!

And speaking of pre-awards, Farrah’s co-host Matt Martin posted this next photo of him and Farrah headed to the shindig along with the caption, “Off to the #EOTMAWARDS w @F1Abraham !”

EOTM Awards hosts Matt Martin and Farrah Abraham

I tried to look up a list of winners, or to track down a video clip of Farrah at work, but had no luck with either. So, let me wrap up this post by going slightly off topic and revealing that apparently Farrah Abraham is following through on her earlier statements that she was going to return to making music again. On Wednesday she tweeted, “In the studio :))))))” (If you don’t remember, Farrah previously recorded an album of original music as a companion “soundtrack” to her memoir A Teenage Dream Ended.)

In other Farrah news, she also just completed a photo shoot for Girls and Corpses magazine and will reportedly be featured on the cover this winter. Can you say “Teen Mummy?”

Before we go let’s take one last loooooong look at Farrah 🙂

 Farrah Abraham Entrepreneurs On The Move Awards

Photos: Splash / WENN

UPDATE – It appears that Farrah Abraham took home an EOTM Award of her own, winning “Best Inspirational Literature Award” for her book My Teenage Dream Ended. Here are Farrah’s tweets about winning, including a picture of her holding her EOTM:

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