VIDEO – Taylor Lautner knocks off Kanye West’s head on SNL

Taylor Lautner attacks Kanye

Months after Kanye West single-handedly rocketed Taylor Swift’s career into the stratosphere by disrespecting her at the VMA’s, Taylor’s boyfriend, New Moon‘s Taylor Lautner, has finally released his frustrations with Yeezy by attacking a cardboard cut-out. Lautner actually was up on stage when the incident happened, but he slunk further in the background and looked over to the side at something  apparently more interesting than Kanye West making a$$h*le history.

Watch below as Taylor gets his Kanye revenge, accented with baton twirling and back-flips. It would have been better with his shirt-off. In fact, Taylor Lautner should do everything with his shirt off. Life is short, and he won’t have those abs forever:

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