RHOSLC fast food queen Lisa Barlow promotes Wendy’s; see the iconic photos

Fans of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City know who the true queen is… fast food queen, that is!

Lisa Barlow, founder of Vida Tequila, has never shied away from talking about her love of all things drive-thru.

Now, the center-snowflake has officially partnered up with Wendy’s to promote the best burgers in the business.

Lisa Barlow’s companies

Lisa Barlow is a business mogul. Whenever she associates with a brand, it becomes a success.

Most known for Vida tequila, the alcohol brand keeps the RHOSLC star busy, but not so busy she can’t expand. Barlow’s new Blue Jay hard seltzer line is coming out soon.

The busy working mother of two doesn’t always have time to cook due to her insane schedule. This is why the reality star has been vocal about her love of everything fast food.

Salt Lake’s fast food queen

Much to the dismay of ex-castmate Mary M. Cosby, Barlow has never been bashful about the amount of times her family makes it through the drive-thru.

The true star of RHOSLC doesn’t seem to mind the criticism at all, even partnering up with fast food giant Wendy’s to support the brand through several delicious campaigns.

Lisa Barlow for Wendy’s

Lisa Barlow has been promoting Wendy’s for a few months now, talking about her love of everything from their new French toast sticks to their ‘hot and crispy’ fries.

The collaboration is pure genius, and the photos are even more iconic.

Lisa Barlow loves Wendy’s hot and crispy fries!


Barlow tweeted this photo with the caption: “I’m never frosty but I LOVE my Peppermint Frosty from @Wendys”

Fans love the crossover between Barlow and burgers, and honestly, the combo of our two favorite things has us very satisfied, as well.

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