RHOBH Where is Taylor Armstrong now?

Taylor Armstrong now
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘S Taylor Armstrong lived out some of her most difficult moments on TV. While shooting Season 2 of the show, she was enduring domestic violence from her husband Russell. After the show wrapped, Russell, who was in a financial bind, killed himself in August, 2011. Taylor had filed for divorce from him a month before. Taylor returned to RHOBH for Season 3 to document picking up the pieces after Russell’s death.

Taylor Found love

Taylor had to deal with a lot of legal issues in the aftermath of her husband’s passing. She found solace in her lawyer, John G Bluher, who loves her for who she is. John proposed to Taylor in Mexico on the beach in a tent filled with roses and lilies.

The couple married on April 14, 2014 and John adopted Kennedy, Taylor’s daughter with Russell. Taylor’s RHBH costars attended the wedding.

Taylor wrote a book

In 2012, Taylor published a memoir about her marriage and her time on reality television called Hiding from Reality: My Story of Love, Loss, and Finding the Courage Within. (affiliate link)

In it she detailed the abuse she suffered at the hands of Russell. Her physical trauma had been so severe that she had to have facial reconstruction surgery.


Taylor continued to make brief appearances on RHOBH up until 2016. She now keeps a fairly low profile, although she does Tweet sometimes. In 2018 a screenshot from Season 2 of RHBH featuring Taylor was used for a popular meme.

In the scene Taylor had been screaming during a dinner with the women during a heated discussion about her physical abuse. She’s being held back by Kyle Richards while pointing and yelling. The meme juxtaposes Taylor with a cat name Smudge sitting at a table.

The original image was uploaded on Tumblr in 2018, but it went viral in 2019. Even though Taylor is depicted in the image during a very hard time in her life, Taylor has embraced the meme.

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