KEEP SWEET Christine Marie says was sex trafficked by a false prophet

The Discovery + documentary Keep Sweet delves into what’s happened to the FLDS home base “Short Creek” (Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah) in the aftermath of their leader Warren Jeffs’ 2011 incarceration. Because of complicated land rights issues, FLDS members have faced eviction if they didn’t sign an occupancy agreement and pay $100-a-month, while former FDLS members are being given the right to live in abandoned houses. Dr. Christine Marie Katas is offering outreach help to some of the families losing their homes amidst the transition in the area. Christine Marie is a survivor of abuse and sex trafficking at the hands of a false Mormon prophet, and also a former girlfriend of NXIVM cult founder Keith Raniere.

Christine, who is a former Ms. Michigan, didn’t mention Keith Raniere, who she says she dated in 1998, in the Keep Sweet documentary, but she has said that her experience with him made her more open to what she experienced with a man named “Adam.” This unnamed man posed as a Mormon prophet and led her to leave her children to go live in a seedy hotel where she was abused by multiple men and sex trafficked.

Christine converted to Mormonism against her parents’ wishes when she was 18 years old. She got married and had four children with a Morman man. After that marriage ended in divorce, Christine thought she had found love at a Mormon singles’ dance. She was immediately charmed by a man who looked like a man she had dreamed about.

Eventually, this man had done more than charm her, he’d convinced her he was a prophet and had translated the “sealed portion” of the Book of Mormon. This comes from a prophecy that in the last days, the rest of the Book of Mormon, which has been engraved on gold plates will be revealed.

Christine read eight chapters of this supposed sacred text and believe him. He later convinced her to leave her children to go live in a hotel where men who had just gotten out of prison stayed. He wrote her a letter persuading her to live there to prove that she was a “true disciple of Christ.”

Once she moved into the hotel she was raped, beaten, robbed, and trafficked. Christine later found out that this man was an atheist who had written the “sealed portion” of the Book of Mormon just to see if he could get people to believe it was the real thing.

She has said that this unnamed man spent time in prison for unrelated charges, but as of 2017 he was a free man who continued to dupe Mormon women.

The documentary shared a blurred video clip of this man, dubbed “Christine’s prophet,” admitting that he had tricked Mormons with his fake “Sealed Portion” from the gold plates.

Christine still works with FLDS members in the “Short Creek” area and has recently shared the video below about a “home school hub” for FLDS children she has helped with via her nonprofit organization Voices for Dignity.

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