RHOBH Does Adrienne Maloof still have a shoe line?

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof debuted her shoe line during a fashion show that served as the focus of Season 2’s episode 13. Are Adrienne Maloof’s shoes still available?

Unfortunately, Adrienne’s stint as a shoe designer seems to have been short-lived. They are no longer being made, but there are some for sale on sites like eBay and Poshmark.

Maloof Hoof drama

Lisa Vanderpump quipped several times during the episode that the shoes should be called “Maloof Hoof,” and she mused that she should start a line of “Vander Pump” shoes herself. “Watch out Maloof Hoof!” Lisa joked. “The Vander Pump is coming to kick your @ss.”

At the reunion, Adrienne made it known that she was offended by Lisa’s “Maloof Hoof” ribbing. The bad blood between them didn’t end there. At Adrienne’s fashion show she confronted Lisa about her hurt feelings over the fact that Lisa’s daughter Pandora’s bachelorette party in Vegas wasn’t held at the Palms Hotel, which Adrienne owns a stake in. Instead, Pandora had wanted to host the party at Planet Hollywood, which was owned by a Vanderpump family friend. (What’s amazing is that Pandora knew multiple people who owned major hotels in Vegas.)

Did Adrienne design the shoes?

Adrienne worked on the designs for the shoes with the team at Charles Jordan Paris. On the show, Adrienne said that the shoes were designed “specifically for her.”

Some ad copy for the partnership can be found on Zappos, and says that Adrienne moved her desk into her shoe closet to help her come up with ideas.

“Adrienne Maloof finds inspiration in her own closet! The self-described business woman works best when surrounded by beautiful shoes. Whether it’s a pair of sexy black stilettos, or a sensible pair of boots, Adrienne believes (just like a certain princess) that the right pair of shoes can change a life!

In order to get in the right frame of mind; Adrienne placed her desk right smack dab in the middle of her shoe closet! That way, she has space and time to create. What better spot to design gorgeous shoes? Adrienne Maloof’s selection of shoes, sandals, and boots are perfect for the dressy girl. Adrienne is no stranger to glitz and glamour!

Whether you are headed out for a night on the town, or a special night with a special someone; Adrienne Maloof shoes provide the perfect polish to your stunning look. Step out in serious style with a lovely pair of Adrienne Maloof pumps on your feet!”

What did the rest of the cast think of the shoes?

At the time, the women complained that the shoes weren’t front and center at the fashion show, as many of the dresses were long and concealed the heels, but they were overall supportive of the launch and complementary of her shoes.

Adrienne says that since the fashion show was benefiting Step Up, a mentor program for teen girls, she didn’t want to show them off too much.

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