RHOBH Erika Jayne speculates that Tom’s alleged victims could be lying about not receiving money

Erika Jayne Girardi has had some time to steady herself after her life imploded with a lawsuit that alleged that Tom has embezzled millions meant to go to victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 plane crash. Since then, other potential victims have come forward saying that Tom owes them money. Now, Erika is saying that maybe some of the people who say that they are still owed money were already paid.

“When I was here a year ago it was so crushing and I’m so glad that we’ve moved past all of our sh!t,” Erika said in last week’s RHOBH episode during a trip to Kyle’s home in La Quinta, CA where she lashed out the year before. “I’d also like to thank you all for accepting me for the wild animal that I was.”

Erika said she had felt backed into a corner every day at the time. She says in interview that she’s finally had a chance to catch her breath after going through something that affected every aspect of her life.

“For twelve months now I have been dragged through the mud for something that I didn’t do, never happened,” Erika told the other women.

When Garcelle confronted Erika about not showing compassion to the alleged victims of her ex-husband Tom, Erika unleashed this bombshell speculation: “We are not even sure that there were people who weren’t paid.”

This revelation shocked Kyle. She looked visibly incredulous and then clarified with Erika, “You’re saying that we don’t know for a fact that these people weren’t paid? These victims?”

“That’s right, exactly right,” Erika said.

In interview Garcelle questioned why all these regular people who come after Tom with lawsuits if they had been paid. “They would just go live their lives,” Garcelle said.

“You can alleged anything in a lawsuit Garcelle,” Erika said.

Just a couple of weeks ago the California State Bar Court disbarred Tom and ordered him to pay $2.3 Million of restitution to his victims.

Tom Girardi is currently under his brother’s conservatorship and is living at a nursing facility. He has been diagnosed with dementia and late-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Photos: Bravo

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