RHOBH Is Tom Girardi in a nursing home? Where is his family?

On Wednesday night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Girardi revealed that Tom Girardi’s family wanted to put him in an assisted living facility, what is colloquially referred to as a “nursing home.” She says she read about this in the news, and doesn’t want Tom’s family to place him in this type of care. She even accuses his family of abandoning him to avoid “the stain” of the lawsuits and scandals he’s mired in. Tom had since been photographed outside of an assisted living facility.

During a spa girls’ getaway at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego arranged by Kathy Hilton, Erika doesn’t make it to the sound bath Kathy has arranged for the girls. (Kathy heard about sound baths from one of Kim Kardashian’s baby showers.)

After the sound bath, Lisa Rinna informs them that that morning Page Six posted an article saying that Tom’s brother has become his conservator.

Later, Erika invites Lisa and Kyle to come to her suite to discuss this. She says a piece of the article she read “bothered her.” She saw that Tom’s brother asked to be able to put him in an assisted living facility because of his dementia.

Erika doesn’t agree with this and says she’s on the verge of a “nervous breakdown.” Tom once paid for her grandmother to go into one of these facilities. She thinks he needs a caretaker, but doesn’t want him to be in a nursing home like her grandmother went to. “I know what they do to you in here,” she says. “It’s supposed to be great care, but if you lash out they medicate you. They only weigh us down, is what I’m saying.”

“What is his life, then?” Erika asks. “Where is this man’s family?”

“Where are his children?”
 Kyle adds.

“Exactly,” Erika says. “It feels like he is of no use to them, so f**k it.” Before the divorce, Erika used to get along with Tom’s kids, who are around her own age.

Lisa Rinna inserts her opinion that they don’t want to deal with the “alleged” things that are going on.

Erika agrees, and says “they don’t want the stain. They don’t want the public scrutiny. They don’t want being associated. It is tragic all the way around.”

Erika then addresses Tom’s recent burglary, and says she has had no updates about it.

In interview, Lisa Rinna says that as a mother, she understands the “motherly protection” Erika feels for her ex-husband Tom.

“I may be getting a divorce from this man, but that doesn’t mean I have divorced myself from caring for another human being who clearly cannot care for themselves.”

“I can’t be married to the man, but I certainly don’t want him in some facility where he’s not taken care of , and discarded. That is just something that I don’t feel is ok. It’s f**ked up. Want to know who your friends are? Get old and go broke.”

During a beach picnic the day before Erika told the girls that she was the first person to say something was wrong with Tom after his 2017 accident. “And they blew me off” she says.

“The family?” Dorit asks.

“All of them. Doctors. Everybody,” Erika replies.

In late August of 2021, Tom Girardi was photographed outside of the Belmont Village Senior Living facility in Burbank, California. He also had a black eye at this time, which was months after the late January burglary and eye surgery that Erika has referred to on the show.

US Weekly obtained court documents that prove Tom moved into Belmont on August 9, 2021. Erika was sent notification of this via the mail.

Suites Belmont Village Senior Living facility go for about $4500 a month. Before moving into the facility, Tom was living in a lavish historic Pasadena mansion that was initially listed on the market for $13 million in May. The price has since been slashed to $8.9 million.

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