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On the current season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, new cast member Madisen Beith has officially broken things off with her daughter Camille’s dad Christian. Meanwhile, Madisen’s dad Nick’s relationship with his girlfriend Christina is getting pretty serious. The only problem? Christina lives in Warren, Ohio.

Nick, Madisen and Camille take a road trip to visit Christina for two weeks, and the visit goes extremely well. Did it go well enough for Madisen to leave Arkansas behind for good?

“Something like this is good for me to do,” Madisen says in a self-recorded interview before the Ohio trip. “I’ve been ready to be out of Arkansas since I was, like, 10 years old.”

Adding to Madisen’s motivation to relocate is the fact that her dad has already decided to make the move, and he’s has basically her entire support system. “I’m not staying in Arkansas with my dad 14 hours away,” Madisen says. “He’s the only person I really have for Camille to grow up around. I feel like it’d be good to have just a fresh, new start.”

Despite Madisen’s motivation to leave Arkansas and move to Ohio, a lot depends on how things go with Christina. Thankfully, things went well. Extremely well!
“I really like Christina,” Madisen says after being in Ohio for a bit. “I didn’t think it was going to be this easy to get along with her. It’s nice to have someone else’s opinion. It’s just weird because I’ve never had, like, a mom there, you know?” In the scenes shown on Young and Pregnant, Christine seems incredibly understanding and supportive. And she also seems quite smitten with Nick!

What about Camille’s dad, Christian? “I don’t have any concerns about Christian if I move here,” Madisen tells the camera. “I just worry about Camille actually seeing him and stuff, because she won’t be going there and staying there for a few months at a time and stuff. ‘Cause if he couldn’t even take care of her for a couple hours while I went to work, why would I ship her off for a few months?”

Everything seems to be pointing to Madisen making the move to Ohio, but it’s still not a done deal. “I’m kind of in the middle of being worried and being excited about moving,” Madisen admits. “There are so many questions running through my head on what-ifs and, I don’t know. I just — I’m scared.”

Towards the end of this week’s episode, Christine sits with her dad on the couch at Christina’s house and they discuss Madisen’s potential move. Madisen admits that she is worried and a bit anxious about the move. Regardless, she lets Nick know she’s committed to it. “When you move, I’m moving with,” she says.
Her dad responded with, “OK.”

Did Madisen move to Ohio?

Was Madisen brave enough to actually follow through and move herself and daughter Camille to Ohio with her dad? She was asked that question on a recent Instagram post and simply answered “Yes” with a smiley face.

It’s unclear exactly when the Beiths made the move, but the last photos I could find posted by Madisen that look to have been taken in their Arkansas’ house was way back in February.

Mild spoiler alert! There’s a photo of Christian hanging out at Christina’s house that she posted earlier this week! He obviously paid them a visit in Ohio, though it’s unclear if the photo was recent or not.

So, how are things going with Christina and the Beiths? UNBELIEVABLY well!!!

Check out this Instagram photo gallery posted by Madisen with a caption expressing her gratitude for having Christina in her life, and life of her daughter and dad as well:

If that isn’t enough to warm your heart, then check out these interactions in the comments:
COMMENT: She looks like a natural at being apart of the fam!❤️
MADISEN: It feels as if I’ve known her my whole life! I never thought I’d approve of him getting a gf, but she is literally perfect for him.

COMMENT: Me and my mom were both almost in tears so happy for you while watching you guys this week. You deserve this relationship and bond ❤️
MADISEN: This is sooo sweet omg thank you thank you 🥺🥺🤍

Madisen Beith's dad Nick's girlfriend Christina with Camille

COMMENT: I love that you finally get to experience this 🥰❤️ What an amazing woman – you, your daughter and your dad are very blessed
MADISEN: Yes we are, thank you so so much!!! 🥺🤍🤍

COMMENT: She’s as genuine as they come! Happy for you all and so glad that you welcomed her with open arms ❤️
MADISEN: She made it very easy! After meeting her I immediately loved her!

COMMENT: This makes me ♥️
MADISEN: Me toooooo 🥰 My dad deserves it. She’s amazingggg!🤍

COMMENT: Does she have kids of her own? @madisen.paige she seems so happy to have you all
MADISEN: Yes she does!! 🙂
CHRISTINA: 😭 This is so sweet Madisen! Thank you for welcoming me with open arms and trusting me with your dads heart. This family we have now has felt like home from day one. I love you and Camille BIG and will always have yall’s back.
MADISEN: We love YOU!! Thank YOU 🥰

UPDATE – Nick and Christina are engaged!

Congratulations to Madisen, Camille, Nick and Christina! I look forward to seeing their happily ever after play out on screen! Be sure to tune in for new episodes of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant airing Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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