RHOA Nene Leakes son Brice makes the same mistake twice

Nene Leakes’ 20-year-old son Brice (Bryson Bryant) was arrested twice this March, and Bravo was there to catch the drama.

The first charge for the aspiring club promoter was for marijuana possession on March 7.  He was held until the 10th, but didn’t let the month run out before he was back behind bars March 31, this time for both drug possession and possession of a deadly weapon. But get this: his second bust happened when he went to jail to visit a friend while carrying marijuana and a gun.

Nene Leakes responded to his first arrest with this statement:

“My son is not the first young adult to experiment with marijuana, and he certainly won’t be the last. Still, as parents, this is a chance for us to have an open dialogue with him about the dangers of any substance abuse. I realize as a parent that my job is never done. And as I’ve tweeted, tough love was in order.”

On tonight’s episode she confronts Brice when he asks to move back home (since apparently living on his own isn’t working out very well). Nene is having her own problems with her husband Gregg, who isn’t keen on giving Brice any more help so she feels like a single mom: