Teen Mom’s Brandon and Teresa adoption video

Teen Mom‘s Catelyn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were blown away by Brandon and Teresa Davis’ adoption video and profile while they were searching for suitable parents to adopt their baby. They couldn’t believe people existed like this in real life.

Brandon, a financial manager, and Teresa, an aspiring stay-at-home mom, were financially secure, enjoyed water skiing and Sunday school, and really seemed like genuinely nice people – a stark contrast to the chaos and emotional distress that have plagued Catelynn and Tyler’s traumatic family environment.

Brandon and Teresa even agreed to have an open adoption and let Catelynn and Tyler be a part of their adopted daughter Carly’s life, which means periodic appearances on television and in tabloids.

Here’s the adoption video that first captured C & T’s hearts:

And a sneak clip of Catelynn and Tyler going to see Carly after a year: