RHOA Ariana, Brielle Biermann ‘cut off’ from famous parents in new reality series

Famous sisters Brielle Biermann and Ariana Biermann are returning to reality TV — this time starring in their own show about leaving their famous parents behind.

Daughters of The Real Housewives of Atlanta legend Kim Zolciack-Biermann and husband Kroy, the siblings have been featured on several reality television programs. Alongside their family they’ve appeared on RHOA, Don’t Be Tardy, and Don’t Be Tardy to the Wedding.

This is the first time the pair will headline their own series.

Cut Off

The synopsis tells us that Ariana and Brielle Biermann are fleeing the nest in Atlanta and heading to the City of Angels. When they land, they have hopes of launching their own haircare brand.

The series, tentatively titled Cut Off, follows Kim and Kroy stopping their financial support of Brielle, 25, and Ariana, 21, as they leave for Los Angeles.

Ariana and Brielle Biermann with famous mom Kim Zoliack-Biermann.

A description of the show reads as follows:

Skeptical of their ability to fend for themselves and take their new venture seriously, Kim plans to put her girls to the test by completely cutting them off. For the first time in their lives, the sisters will have to pay their own bills, live on a budget, do their own laundry, and cook and clean, all while staying out of trouble. With the help of their friends, the Biermann duo will have to rely on each other to see if they have what it takes to make it on their own.

Ariana and Brielle Biermann Excited for Return

In an exclusive statement to People magazine, the sisters express immense excitement for their return to television. Older sister Brielle is keeping it real. “Fans have seen us grow up on camera and let’s face it … we are a mess,” says Brielle. “I’m eager to embark on this journey with my sister, but definitely know it will be a tough road ahead.”

Viewers first met Brielle and Ariana on the first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in October 2008.

Cut Off will soon be shopped to potential networks and streaming partners.

If the show’s concept sounds familiar, it may be because of the infamous VH1 reality series You’re Cut Off that aired for 2 seasons between 2010 and 2011. Here’s a brief description of that series from Wikipedia:

You’re Cut Off! is a VH1 reality show that premiered on June 9, 2010. It features nine spoiled young women who thought they were going to be featured on a show called The Good Life. They are surprised instead to be informed that their families have cut them off from their money due to their spoiled ways, will be required to participate and pass an eight-week rehabilitation program in order to be taken back, and that the series will chronicle this process.

You’re Cut Off
is perhaps most famous for being the second entry in the rather extensive reality show career of Erica Rose, who previously competed on The Bachelor before later appearing on Bachelor Pad, Below Deck Sailing Yacht and more.

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