What kind of plastic surgery has Kim Zolciak had?

40-year-old Kim Zolciak-Biermann recently posted a photo of herself with her daughters on Instagram looking about the same age as the young women. Her 21-year-old daughter Brielle almost looks like a twin! What procedures does Kim have done to keep her looking youthful?

Kim has definitely been on top of “maintaining” her look even before she got cast on RHOA‘s first season a decade ago. Kim has been very open about her willingness to just about try anything when it comes to anti-aging and aesthetic modification and just this April her daughter Brielle tweeted out that her mom even gets fillers in her earlobes so she can keep wearing heavy diamond earrings.

In 2010 Kim even let Bravo cameras in to watch her get a fat reduction laser procedure while she snacked on pizza.

In 2016, Kim spilled all the details to ET about her love for plastic. She’s had her lips done, been getting Botox since she was young (for migraines at first,) a boob job, and the mom-of-six slipped in a tummy tuck in with a hernia surgery.

She also revealed that many people accuse her of getting a nose job, but she insists that its her natural nose and she should talk about it if she had work done in that area. She did note that she has a deviated septum that she needs to get fixed in the future.

Of course, the fakest thing about Kim is usually her hair. She’s been very open about her love for wigs, although her reasons for wearing one have changed over the years. Initially she said she wore wigs because of thinning hair due to health problems. Now she’s a bit more open about the fact that she would just rather not be bothered with an arduous hair-styling process to achieve peak glam.

“We all know that I wear a wig, although I have amazing hair,” she said in the ET interview, “But it’s a lot easier to just have the wig curled over here and then put on my head. I hate doing my makeup, like sitting there for an hour and then another hour for my hair? No! I’m not doing it. So, yes, this is not real.”

Kim also stirred up interest in her looks with a photo posted today in honor of her husband Kroy’s birthday. She looks strikingly different than usual, mostly because of the Kim Kardashian-style hair (or wig, rather.)

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