Marlo Hampton’s house was burglarized by a gang targeting Atlanta celebrities

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton was burglarized earlier this month. Four people involved in her home invasion have been caught and linked to 15 other incidents in the Atlanta, GA area.

“When I heard the boom, when I heard my nephew scream — and I knew that scream was a scream of fear — my heart dropped,” Marlo told WSB-TV.

Thankfully Marlo and her nephew were unharmed. After she realized people were entering her home, she went into her panic room and called 911. Soon after, the invaders left. Marlo thinks her yelling may have scared them off.

Marlo thanked God for coming through this experience safe but also wanted to warn other celebrities, influencers, and everyone else about displaying what they have to the public. “My main concern is, I want all the ladies — I want everyone — to be aware if you are posting items if you do have luxury items, be careful,” Marlo said.

Marlo’s home invasion is one of over 15 in the Atlanta area that started a year ago. The homes of celebrities and athletes have been targeted. One of the victims was an ex of the rapper Future, and another was potentially the rapper Gunna.

One recent invasion resulted in a victim being shot. He was seriously injured but is thankfully on the mend.

While authorities have arrested four people in connection with these invasions, they believe there are other members of the ring that have not been caught yet.

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